Transition Update: Some Glitches, But Not Bad So Far

Update on website porting . . .

There have been spot outages and mismatch issues as the domain propagates anew. We’re in the process of porting files and reconstituting the site.

We noticed our friends at missed our picture. Here’s hoping this will suffice for now. :-)

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6 Responses to “Transition Update: Some Glitches, But Not Bad So Far”

  1. That was me that missed your picture (Wizzard7) I also put a blurb on my Ning site

  2. Is it me or did your “fro” get bigger with this move?

  3. Thanks, Don.


  4. Hi Lynn,

    No, the “fro” is the same size, despite the fact it hasn’t been to the stylist for well more than a year. Lack of hair growth is one of the advantages of a celluloid existence. :-)

  5. Hm, I thought the “Fro” looked bigger, too…. Maybe it’s all the makeup he’s wearing……

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