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Two Friday Bank Failures Will Cost FDIC $212.5 Million

Some of our readers have been following the AdSurfDaily case, which involved the seizure of nearly $100 million by the U.S. Secret Service amid allegations that ASD was running a Ponzi scheme while calling itself an advertising company. One of the roles of the Secret Service is to protect U.S. economic health and the health […]

A Note To Readers

Dear Readers, It had been our plan all along to convert from Blogger to WordPress in 2009. We made the conversion earlier than planned because of significant problems we began to experience with databases and website functions earlier this week. Part of the plan also was to port hosting. We ended up carrying out both […]

Giant Wall Street ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Collapses; Potential Losses In Madoff Fraud Pegged at $50 Billion Amid ‘One Big Lie’

And you thought AdSurfDaily members had problems, having been told their money was part of a $100 million Ponzi scheme. Former Nasdaq Chairman Bernard Madoff has been accused of running a monumental Ponzi scheme that sustained itself for years based on his reputation. Socialites from Palm Beach, New York’s celebrity elite, endowments, European banks and […]