Missing The Visual Editor In WordPress 2.7? This May Help

WordPress recently released version 2.7, which I use on this and three other Blogs. Three of the four Blogs all made the conversion without incident. One of them, however, lost the WordPress Visual editor that appears when you’re making a post.

The editor is supposed to appear as a tab marked “Visual.” A second tab marked “HTML” also appears, if you want to edit with html or add code. On one of my Blogs, only the HTML tab appeared. The Visual tab simply vanished.

After Googling it, I discovered others were having the same problem. I followed some of the remedies, but the problem remained. Some folks said it was plug-in related. Others said it had to do with the “js” folder contained within the “wp-includes” folder.

I re-downloaded WordPress 2.7 and reinstalled the “js” folder in case something didn’t copy properly during the first installation. That didn’t fix the problem. Tried the same thing a second time, and that didn’t fix the problem.

While working on a fix, I also disabled the plug-ins one by one to see if I could isolate the source of the conflict.

Finally, I read an old post on wordpress.org from a person named tieguy.

tieguy said to click on “Users” and then “Your Profile” in your WordPress back office — and make sure the tiny box to dealing with the Visual editor has the appropriate check mark. You can enable or disable the Visual editor from “Your Profile.”

I enabled the Visual Editor — which is the WordPress version of a WYSIWYG editor — and the Visual editor reappeared.

If you’re having this problem, click on “Users” and then “Your Profile.” Make sure the Visual editor is enabled in “Your Profile.” (It’s near the top of the page.)

This approach might solve your problem quickly, as opposed to re-downloading files from WordPress and re-uploading them to your site. I can’t say for certain if the simple fix will work for you, but it worked for me.

Here is another discussion on prospective fixes for the problem of the vanishing Visual editor.

Why three of the four Blogs required no fix is a mystery.

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5 Responses to “Missing The Visual Editor In WordPress 2.7? This May Help”

  1. Thanks for the advice! it works! my visual editor been missing all of a sudden last night and i didnt remember i was ticking the small visual editor box in my profile panel.. cheers!

  2. Hello Dunia,

    Glad it helped.

    Take care.


  3. thanks so much!

  4. And here I thought I was the only one!

    I just toggle back and forth between html and visual mode and if the WYSIWYG buttons don’t re-eappear, I save the post as a draft, then log out log back into WP admin panel and everything is back to normal

  5. thank goodness some people know what they are talking about.

    Much appreciated!!!