Monday News And Notes

Monday news and notes:

  • We’ve installed a WordPress plug-in called “Quote Comments” by Joen Asmussen. If you highlight a section of a comment to which you’d like to respond and click the “Quote” link next to the date, it will copy the highlighted text to the comment box. We initially couldn’t get the plug-in to work after installing it last week. But an update was released this morning, and it appears to be working.
  • A reader advises our column on whether the Seattle Post-Intelligencer can save itself by employing the autosurf model is just a bunch of hot air to ardent ASD supporters. We weren’t given specifics as to how we got so much so wrong in a single post, but would like to know. We’d like to publish a guest column by an ASD supporter that explains why existing companies with magical brand names and huge website traffic volume haven’t turned to the autosurf model — either to save themselves or to create an exciting, new revenue stream that would position them for 21st Century success. Please contact us through the contact tab if you’d like to write a bylined guest column that explains your point of view.
  • At some point this week — likely by Wednesday — we are installing a new contact form that uses a different system to process inquiries. Some testing is required. We’ll let you know when it is installed and operational.

UPDATE 10:43 A.M. EST (USA): It appears the plug-in is not providing the “Quote” link until the first comment has been left. We’ll look into this.

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  1. Test of plug-in.