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Fortune Magazine Refutes ‘Social Security Ponzi’ Claim

If you’ve been following the AdSurfDaily case and the Bernard Madoff case, there’s a good chance you’ve seen people claim that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Some members of ASD have said the government had no business going after Andy Bowdoin when it was knee-deep in its own Ponzi scheme. Fortune magazine has published […]

Judge To Ponzi Brokers Who Pushed ‘Ad’ Business: Pay Up

Editor’s Note: This story was suggested by reader Tony H., who pointed us to an SEC News Release on the dismantling of yet another Ponzi scheme. Two principals of the American Investors Network (AIN) have been ordered to pay more than $1.4 million for foisting on investors an upstart advertising company that proved to be […]

Frogress Autosurf Apparently DOA

Frogress Autosurf Apparently DOA

An autosurf known as Frogress apparently has gone the way of MegaLido, leaving members in the lurch. Frogress seems to have started in October — about the same time as MegaLido. It advertised 12 percent a day for 12 days, and forum posts raved about the communications skills of the Frogress operator. MegaLido employed a […]