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Video Shows AdViewGlobal Graphics Were Removed From AdSurfDaily Webroom

In this post, we showed you a screen shot of the AdSurfDaily webroom showcasing AdViewGlobal, a new autosurf. and at least one other website featured graphics on the same topic today. We kept our browser window open after we made the screen shot, thinking that word would get around and that the ASD webroom […]

ASD, AdGateWorld, AdViewGlobal — In Pictures

ASD, AdGateWorld, AdViewGlobal -- In Pictures

AdSurfDaily Inc. and other firms and individuals linked to the autosurf trade have been named defendants in a class-action racketeering lawsuit. Among the allegations is that ASD was a participant in schemes beyond its own autosurf Ponzi scheme and was engaged with co-conspirators in a pattern of racketeering. Here is part of the ASD story […]

BOLO Clarence Busby? Reader Puzzled By RICO Defendant’s Absence; Says Busby Out Of Touch For ‘Months’

Should the government and litigants be on the lookout for Clarence Busby? He hasn’t been charged with a crime and, in September, he surrendered his claims to money seized by the U.S. Secret Service as part of its probe into the alleged criminal business practices of his company, Golden Panda Ad Builder of Acworth, Ga. […]