AdViewGlobal Touted As ‘Billion Dollar Company’

Two days before Christmas a poster at declared that AdViewGlobal would be a “1 Billion Dollar Company [before the] end of 2009.”

In an enthusiastic prelaunch endorsement, the poster exclaimed that AdViewGlobal is “the company we have been waiting for!”

Could AdViewGlobal really put one-thousand million dollars on the table before the end of the year? The poster, who identified himself as a “helpful and honest Christian,” seemed to think so.

“Most if not all of your leaders are joining,” he counseled.

Elsewhere on the web, AdViewGlobal promoters talked about what a splendid opportunity the surf afforded. Some highlighted its purported offshore registration in Uruguay. Others said people “high up” in ASD were the brains behind the program.

“Gary Talbert will be very visible in Ad View Global,” according to one promoter. “He will be speaking at company rallies and will be in charge of public relations. I do not know his exact title at this time. Gary Talbert is an extremely talented individual. He use to play baseball semi-professionally and even did a little acting at one point. He was also very high up in ASD.”

Gary Talbert, according to court documents, was “Human Resource Manager, Assistant CFO and Website Editor” of AdSurfDaily Inc. Talbert was present in the office on the date of the Secret Service raid, according to a declaration he filed under oath.

The promoter mentioned ASD in his pitch a number of times, declaring it had become the first autosurf to create millionaires.

“This is extremely exciting folks!” the promoter reminded viewers. “If you weren’t involved in ASD, then perhaps you’ve never experienced click-for-money on this scale. I would remind you that ASD was the first company of its kind to create millionaires. I’m not suggesting that you will become a millionaire, but the scale of these MASSIVE Internet Advertising companies is unlike anything you’ve dealt with if you’ve just been messing with autosurfs.”

He didn’t mention the ASD litigation brought by the U.S. Secret Service and federal prosecutors — or that the U.S. government seized about $100 million in the AdSurfDaily case amid allegations that ASD was a criminal enterprise operating a Ponzi scheme.

Yet another AdViewGlobal promoter suggested in a widely distributed email that, one day, it was possible that ASD accounts would be ported to AdViewGlobal.

“So if you did have ad pacs in ASD you you might want to join even if you are unable to fund your Ad View Global account now just in case this actuality happens,” the promoter said.

AdViewGlobal expressly denies affiliation with AdSurfDaily and Andy Bowdoin. But AdViewGlobal graphics appeared over the weekend on the webroom controlled by AdSurfDaily.

The graphics have been removed.

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