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Read The National Futures Association Report On Paul Greenwood And Stephen Walsh; Association Asserts Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Unaccounted For Amid Suspensions

We’ve previously pointed out that, in recent times, some of the actions filed against financiers and fund managers — and the findings of investigators — have read like works of fiction. On Friday, for example, Irving Picard, the trustee in the Bernard Madoff case, asserted that Madoff appears not to have purchased securities for customers […]

Stanford/Bowdoin: ‘A Tapestry Of Believable Lies’

Stanford/Bowdoin: 'A Tapestry Of Believable Lies'

Hats off to Houston Chronicle writer Loren Steffy, who explained economically why cons work. A con, Steffy explained, works because the con weaves “a tapestry of believable lies.” It’s a pointed, short, highly memorable line that deserves special mention because it puts readers “right there.” Steffy detailed some of disgraced financier Allen Stanford’s lies in […]