Aggero Investment Surf In Slow-Mo Tank On Heels Of Earlier Failure Of Premium Ads Club: Bad Week For ‘Industry’

Earlier this week we reported on the failure of Premium Ads Club (PAC). Now a surf with close ties to PAC is in its death spiral. Aggero Investment says tomorrow will be its last day, absent a miracle that will prevent a run on the bank as investors race to collect returns advertised at 60 percent a month, on top of bonus returns.

Like PAC, Aggero Investment collected money right up to the bitter end, assuring investors that things were just fine and that external investments paying astronomical returns made Aggero Investment’s merely collossal returns possible.

Aggero Investment relied on some of the same promoters as AdSurfDaily (ASD), the Quincy, Fla,-based autosurf that had nearly $100 million in assets seized by the U.S. Secret Service in August amid allegations of money-laundering, wire fraud and running a Ponzi scheme.

ASD had more than $250 million in unfunded liabilities at the time of seizure, prosecutors said. ASD, however, tried to tell a federal judge that it had no liabilities because rebates weren’t guaranteed.

The judge didn’t buy it.

The usual script is in play on the Ponzi boards in the wake of the Aggero Investment collapse. Some posters are angry and bitter. Others are urging calm, advising participants not to file claims through SolidTrustPay, a Canadian payment processor fond of surf fees, because claims could make it harder on everybody. Still others are hoping Aggero Investment will slash payouts to something more “reasonable,” suggesting that 30 percent — what ASD paid monthly — might be the ticket.

Yet others are referring to the electronic Ponzi-scheme business as an “industry,” positioning themselves as experts and the voices of reason. Serial promoters in the “industry” all have exposure — both to civil and criminal litigation — and routinely spin surf failures as nothing to get all worked up about.

It has been a bad week for surfs. AdViewGlobal (AVG), which has management in common with ASD, desperately is trying to get undergound. Its new gambit is to form a private asssociation and dispatch shills to rail against the government in a bid to make its exposure go away and deflect from the central issues of the autosurf prosecutions: the sale of unregistered securities by wire in a Ponzi environment.

The Pro-ASD Surf’s Up forum, which also is shilling for AVG, can’t delete posts that shed light on this soulless business fast enough these days. Some Surf’s Up members were electrified this week when ASD members used a litigation template by Curtis Richmond to file motions to intervene in the ASD case.

Richmond and his co-litigants are accusing the judge and prosecutors in the ASD case of crimes, and its music to the ears of the Surf’s Up crackpots. Never mind that Richmond is associated with a sham Utah Indian tribe that was sued successfully under federal racketeering statutes for nuisancing federal judges with vexatious litigation.

And never mind that Richmond has a conviction for criminal contempt of court for threatening federal judges, has been banned from the practice of law in Colorado despite the fact he’s not an attorney, and describes himself in court documents as a “Sovereign” who answers only to Jesus Christ and enjoys diplomatic immunity from prosecution.

His theory of diplomatic immunity didn’t play well with a federal judge who ordered Richmond and other members of the sham tribe to pay nearly $110,000 in damages and costs to victims of their litigation schemes. And it didn’t play well with another federal judge who found Richmond gulity of criminal contempt of court and sentenced him to six months of home confinement with electronic monitoring and five years’ probation.

This week has featured the collapse of Aggero Investment and Premium Ads Club, and a renewed commitment by AVG and Surf’s Up to take the absurdity to new levels — on the heels of a bonus program to get new money into the AVG system, of course.

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  1. Why Roger! I thought that you were a man of God. You made us beleive that you were doing all this for us. Well we know now that you were just stealing from people that could not afford it. You will not prosper from your shady dealings. The lord does not punish the way you think he does. You should treat people the way you want to be treated. I do not wish you any harm,but I wish you a lot of heartake. I hope you can not enjoy one dime.

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