Our Surprise Visit From ‘The White Nationalist Community’

Given that people hawking private medical associations that enable unlicensed members to practice medicine are playing an increasingly vocal role in the AdSurfDaily case — and that  “Sovereigns” and conspiracy theorists are, too — it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of our visitors yesterday arrived at the Blog from a hate site.

But it did come as a surprise.

Perhaps it was just someone doing research and trying to establish links among the vocal ASD factions. We can only hope.

We hadn’t heard of Stormfront.org before seeing its URL in our logs. We visited the site, and an instant chill swept over us.  The site invited visitors to listen to “Dr. David Duke” on the radio. Posts included attacks on white people stupid enough to vote for President Obama, attacks on Jews, attacks on the government.

And you could buy a Ku Klux Klan T-shirt for $12 (plus shipping), and even set yourself up with some Nazi mementos. The site’s slogan is “White Pride World Wide.”

The site is operated by Don Black, owns its own servers, and operates out of West Palm Beach, Fla.

“Stormfront has published stories aimed at children, and the Stormfront for Kids section of the website hosts a link to ‘White Power Doom,’ a downloadable white power computer game that allows children the opportunity to hunt and kill Jews and black people,” according to Wikipedia.

Here’s hoping our visitor from Stormfront.org was just a researcher.

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4 Responses to “Our Surprise Visit From ‘The White Nationalist Community’”

  1. Yes, this isn’t too surprising. I once entered a ponzi scammers name or a supporter into google, and several links came up to the storm front place. Thankfully I had heard of them & didn’t bother going there.

    Also, I have seen posts from some of those who support the anonymous payment processors as used by ponzi HYIPs. Some of those “writings” were very, VERY, anti-Semitic.

    Is it only a short step from the anti-Jewish conspiracy theories to the bonkers blood sucking reptile aliens theories as advocated by at least one of the ASD supporters.

    Keep up the good work Patrick. But don’t be too surprised if at some point in the future your web site(s) are DDOS-ed, Joe Job-ed, or hacked. Most anti-fraud sites are attacked at some point.

  2. The sovereign citizen movement got it’s start with a group called posse comitatus:


    And as well as being fanatically anti government they were fanatically racist and anti-Semitic. Of course not all followers of Big Chief Been n’ Cheddar’s legal theories are closet klansmen, but they might be very surprised to find out how many are. Much as these guys would:


  3. After reading about the political inclinations of some of the participants of the Surf’s Up forum during the elections, nothing would surprise me.

  4. I thought this story might interest your new readers from that fascist web site:
    Basically, The British National Party (fascists) have used a picture of a Spitfire flown by Polish airmen when fighting fascists during WW2.

    It’s quite ironic that in the original Battle of Britain, “the few” included people from Poland, France, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and other places. I think to survive the current economic struggle will require co-operation with the same countries, and probably more.