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BREAKING NEWS: Bowdoin Files Motion To Dismiss In Which He Acknowledges AdSurfDaily Was Illegal

UPDATED 10:06 A.M. EDT (March 12, U.S.A.) Did Andy Bowdoin just sink AdSurfDaily’s ship — and also the ship of AdViewGlobal? In a court filing today, Bowdoin, the president of ASD, made a stunning acknowledgment that the company was operating illegally. Bowdoin’s acknowledgment came in the purported form of a motion to dismiss the forfeiture […]

EDITORIAL: Arons Retracts Statements On Friedman

Jack Arons, a Florida man sued for libel and slander last week by Dallas attorney Larry Friedman, announced today that he is retracting statements he made about Friedman on the Internet. “As far as Larry Friedman and his Law Firm is concerned I retract all statements made against them,” Arons said. He posted the retraction […]