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Guenther Was Charged With Financial Fraud In 1990s

The de facto head of the ASD Members Business Association (ASDMBA) Trust was charged by federal prosecutors with 11 counts of bank fraud in July 1994, according to records. Bob Guenther pleaded guilty to a single count in December 1994. In a plea agreement, prosecutors dropped 10 counts. ASDMBA members said Guenther has refused to […]

BREAKING NEWS: ‘PaperlessAccess’ Web Files Mirror ASD

BREAKING NEWS: 'PaperlessAccess' Web Files Mirror ASD

A web page in Google cache from March 12, 2009, that shows information about a new surf program known as Paperless Access is identical in places to a June 16, 2007, archived page for ASD Cash Generator. ASD President Andy Bowdoin introduced members to Paperless Access in a video two days ago, saying the company […]

Members Criticize Bowdoin’s ‘PaperlessAccess’ Video; Some Surf’s Up Posters Say Enough Is Enough

Members Criticize Bowdoin's 'PaperlessAccess' Video; Some Surf's Up Posters Say Enough Is Enough

UPDATED 12:15 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) AdSurfDaily Inc. President Andy Bowdoin once had members eating out of his hand, but his faithful flock now appears to be splintering. Helping drive Bowdoin’s fall from grace is a video in which he positions “Paperless Access,” a  company that appears to use a surf model, as a way ASD […]