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Bowdoin’s ‘Paperless Access’ Video Removed From Site

UPDATE 11:16 A.M. EDT (March 26, U.S.A. See bottom of post and see Comments.) A video starring Andy Bowdoin that enraged some members of AdSurfDaily has been removed from its sponsor’s site. The video formerly was at this URL. No explanation for the removal appears at the site. Bowdoin pitched a new surf site called […]

Attorney: Guenther Devastated By Felony Conviction, But An ‘Honorable Man’ Who Never Should Have Been Charged

UPDATED 10:26 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Bob Guenther never should have been prosecuted for bank fraud in 1994, but accepted a plea deal after a cost-benefit analysis concluded his best chance to minimize a prison sentence was to accept the deal, Guenther’s defense attorney said in a 1996 memo. Guenther pleaded guilty to a single felony […]

In Vague Claim, AVG Says Bank Problem Being ‘Rectified’

In yet another vague claim, AdViewGlobal (AVG) said a problem that resulted in the suspension of its bank account is being “rectified.” AVG did not describe how the problem was being solved. Nor did it provide a date by which it expected the problem to be solved. Instead, under a three-exclamation point headline of, “AVGA […]

BREAKING NEWS: Bowdoin Volunteered Answers To Secret Service, Prosecutors Say; No ‘Miranda’ Violations Occurred

UPDATED 2:26 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) ASD President Andy Bowdoin voluntarily answered questions during a noncustodial interview with Secret Service agents on Aug. 5, 2008, federal prosecutors said in a court filing today. In fact, prosecutors said, Bowdoin was “quite voluble, and voluntarily so.”  The interview occurred while agents were executing a search warrant of Bowdoin’s […]

AVG Members Report Confusion Over Bank ‘Suspension’

AdViewGlobal (AVG), which purports to be a professional advertising company operating as a private association headquartered offshore, appears to have mangled an announcement that its bank account was “suspended.” The suspension announcement was made Monday, March 23. On Friday, March 20, AVG members said Chief Executive Officer Gary Talbert had resigned but would continue with […]