BREAKING NEWS: Bowdoin Volunteered Answers To Secret Service, Prosecutors Say; No ‘Miranda’ Violations Occurred

UPDATED 2:26 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) ASD President Andy Bowdoin voluntarily answered questions during a noncustodial interview with Secret Service agents on Aug. 5, 2008, federal prosecutors said in a court filing today.

In fact, prosecutors said, Bowdoin was “quite voluble, and voluntarily so.”  The interview occurred while agents were executing a search warrant of Bowdoin’s home.

“Voluble” means talkative.

Bowdoin, acting as his own attorney, filed a motion to exclude and suppress evidence last month. The prosecution responded to it in today’s filing.

In his pro se motion, prosecutors said, Bowdoin inexplicably argued that “any information or evidence given by [him] constituted an unreasonable search.”

Prosecutors said Bowdoin never was in custody. They acknowledged that he initially raised a concern about talking about ASD and Golden Panda Ad Builder with the agents, but quickly changed his mind.

“Although Mr. Bowdoin initially said that he did not want to discuss the ASD and GP Operations without a lawyer present, he quickly changed his mind, agreeing to speak with the agents while they were there,” prosecutors said. “He certainly never declined to answer any of the federal agents’ questions, and Mr. Bowdoin never said he only would answer questions if he could have an attorney present during the interview.”

Judge Rosemary Collyer should reject Bowdoin’s motion to suppress because his claims are “meritless,” prosecutors said.

“Mr. Bowdoin asserts that he never received what are colloquially known as ‘Miranda warnings,’ and claims, therefore, that his statements should be excluded from evidence in this case,” prosecutors said. “Mr. Bowdoin’s argument has no merit because he was not in custody when he spoke to the federal agents at his home on August 5, 2008.”

Contrary to Bowdoin’s claim that he currently is a “defendant,” prosecutors pointedly said Bowdoin is “not now a defendant.”

Bowdoin also argued bad case law in his motion to suppress, prosecutors said.

Read the prosecution’s response to Bowdoin.

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  1. hey patrick, buzy day huh!! lol Andy should stick to his day job as being a con man because he sucks at being a lawyer.

  2. Being a member of the Pro Advocate Group is not cheap. Wonder if he joined as an individual or as a corporate member? Either way if he thought his attorney’s gave him bum legal advice, the wanna-be lawyers were even worse. But then you get what you pay for.

  3. as one judge told me ” you might think you can play golf, but your not a memeber of the country club” and ” my mother did not wash floors at night to pay for my college so you can play Perry Mason”!!! Pro se is a fool. A defense lawyer told me once every client is like a chicken. some you can make chicken salad out of some the best you can do is make chicken sh__ !!! Andy’s client is the latter lol