Surf’s Up: ‘Paperless Access’ Misrepresented Itself To Bowdoin

The Paperless Access video starring ASD President Andy Bowdoin went missing because the company misrepresented itself to Bowdoin, according to a Mod at the Pro-ASD Surf's Up forum.

The Paperless Access video starring ASD President Andy Bowdoin went missing because the company misrepresented itself to Bowdoin, according to a Mod at the Pro-ASD Surf's Up forum.

Upstart surfing company Paperless Access “was not accurately presented” to Andy Bowdoin, who made the decision to ask the company to remove a video that starred Bowdoin, a Mod at the Pro-ASD Surf’s Up forum reported tonight.

The Mod said Paperless Access had been banned as a topic for forum discussion, advising members that, if they wanted to talk about it, to “please start a group in the Business Center!”

With those words, Surf’s Up closed the thread to discussion. The forum had deleted at least three previous threads about Paperless Access and the Bowdoin video in recent days.

Many ASD members expressed outrage after Bowdoin appeared in the video. Tonight members were questioning why Bowdoin sent a broadcast email for Paperless Access today, after declaring it did not accurately represent itself to him and deciding to ask the company to remove the video.

Bowdoin, whom lawyers said today had managed for more than two months to avoid being served a lawsuit accusing him of racketeering, enraged some ASD members by appearing in the video.

He pitched Paperless Access as a way ASD members could recapture money seized by the U.S. Secret Service last year amid allegations of wire fraud, money-laundering and operating a $100 million Ponzi scheme.

A Blog reader, “Joe,” reported this evening that Paperless Access is registered as a Wyoming corporation. We confirmed the registration through the state database.

“Joe” also reported that the company appears to be trading on Ponzi pain, saying it had positioned itself as an outlet for people who “had income seized by the government for buying advertising” or people who know people who’ve had income seized by the government.

Paperless Access even has an acronym for seized money: LAL, which stands for “Legal Advertising Losses.”

At the same time, “Joe” said he visited the site and found that seven out of 25 sites he viewed in the advertising rotator were not compliant with the Paperless Access Terms of Service. This computes to a noncompliance rate of 28 percent.

Plenty of surfs have failed in recent weeks and months, including Aggero Investment, Premium Ads Club, MegaLido, Frogress, Daily Profit Pond and others.

Promoters pitched some of the failed surfs as a remedy for ASD’s woes.

Surf’s Up did not explain how Paperless Access had misrepresented itself to Bowdoin. The video was pulled a few days ago.

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21 Responses to “Surf’s Up: ‘Paperless Access’ Misrepresented Itself To Bowdoin”

  1. Patrick,

    You are right on in many areas, I could fill in a bunch of blanks for you. If you would look into the following companies, you will see a similair pattern, all are ASD knockoffs, all are using some part or all of the ASD database (Supplied by Andy) to solicit formed ASD members..

    AdPacs This is a program launched by a man purported to be Steve Renner, a alias name. He actually has a Russian name and a record and was a cohort of Andy’s in ASD.

    AdViewGlobal This is another knockoff, launched by a Joe Shoop, founder of the “Breakfast Club”, and Rayda Roundy, a ASD Member who hosted and moderated ASD conference calls. Both of which are “winners” with ASD. Rayda received AdPacs as payment for her services, as did many many others, thus making a sizeable return each week for their services.

    Clarence Busby and Dawn Stowers and Busby’s son launched a new company as well, from a Island in the Carribean, with money taken right out from under the nose of the Feds, afetr I TOLD William Cowden where the money was, what accounts it was in and apprx how much. I actually had 3 men walk into the bank in Georgia, talk to the cashier and confirm the existence of the account, weeks after the Feds said Busby/Golden Panda turned over the Golden Panda money.

    I could go on and on and on.. We have so much evidence its unreal, and who will look into it?? Got me, I have sent reams of evidence to William Cowden, AUSA in charge of the case against ASD/Bowden. Of course, wuth the new administration, who even knows if he is still working at the DOJ. Neither I, nor my lawyer, Larry Friedman can get a answer back from him regarding any deal cut with Bowdoin.

    There is also a African American church right outside of Georgia, with over 20,000 members, that 400+ members, including the leader of the church, that put well over a MILLION dollars into Golden Panda.
    If they really wanted to, they is a way they could force the issue and get their money, most of which was lying in the offices of Golden Panda, and in various bank accounts NOT covered by Judge Collyers seizure order.

    If you ever really really want the facts, I have reams of it.. Just let me know.. You could print a story people would have a hard time believing… Most of the ASD winners blog under a ASD Forum to try and spread the Andy’s coming back BS.

    You want to know the type of people Andy surrounded himself with, just go to this site. This guy is probably one of the biggest ASD winners and made MILLIONS from his downline, his name is Robert Fava. He hosted several ASD Rally’s, including the Miami Rally. He was the slick on stage Emcee. And why not, he was given AdPacs every month by Andy, this was making him thousands of dollars a day.. Just go to the following site, everyone associated with Andy had a reason to pair up with a thief:

    Long and short, until someone exposes everyone of these crooked companies and the USAG’s office gets off their butt, people will continue to invest in the these SCAMS

  2. This is interesting. Isn’t this the same person who ranted against you, Patrick, calling you names, questioning your credibility as a journalist and complaining because you don’t publish your blog under your given name, and so on?

    That all occurred because you wrote about him. Now he’s offering to provide info so you can write about other people? Wow!

    You, Mr. G., might benefit from reading the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

  3. Pat,

    To be fair, Bob does point out a lot of potentially useful information and leads.

  4. Entertained: Pat,To be fair, Bob does point out a lot of potentially useful information and leads.


    No argument regarding BG’s content, for it may well be valuable for Patrick to pursue BG’s offer. I’m just a bit startled that just days ago he was villifying Patrick and is now cozying up to him!

  5. bg also stated he would NOT hand over any pertinent information to Patrick until he knew his real name..I would bet Patrick would not endanger himself and turn such information over to the likes of bg. My first impression when I read it was guenther would use the information to quiet Patrick through legal means!

  6. Well, first of all, if Bob Guenther says it’s dark outside and it’s midnight, I look out the window to make sure.
    Bob, did it ever occur to you that the reason Bill Cowden nor anyone else who matters wil return your calls is because you are prone to episodes of irrational ranting and threats and the odd activity that in some cases my be felonious, and at least one indictable? Look at it from a neutral point of view, not from the top of “MT. Bob is Great”, the fact is, you’re convicted felon, currently under indictment for a violent crime, you are only involved because you fell ofr atwo bit ponzi scheme, there are several dozen, perhaps several hundred members of some organization not a trust which you control who are calling for your head on a platter, your lawyer is suing someone for liable because he told the truuth about you and he might be under investigation by the texas bar himself. My goodness, I doubt you kind a stray dog who would have you. All of this is true, and you wonder why a AUSA won’t take your call? Just maybe it’s because you’re quite possibly a raving lunatic.

  7. oops, double post,
    or as we callit in the cheap seats, “A Guenther”

    the second was was after editing, can you please remove it?


  8. Actually what I find absolutely incredible about this story line being put out about Andy being duped is this:

    Just a year ago, Andy was being touted as this highly successful and astute businessman, a visionary, a man of integrity, a great humanitarian, a man ahead of his time, yada , yada, yada.

    Now he is a man who can be fooled and manipulated by Paperless Access. One would have thought such an astute businessman would have immediately seen through PA’s business model, especially since it is a clone of ASD. So much for Andy being the only one who can explain ASD’s business model.

  9. Lynn:

    Your wrong Andy is not the only one that can explain the Business Model. Just ask Mr. Know it all Bob as he can tell you how it works and proved it by starting the ASDMBA Legal Trust Fund.

  10. I have no evidence, but I am absolutely convinced Paperless Access is controlled by Andy.

  11. Are we to assume that there is a code among the fraudsters/hucksters out there?

    Maybe call it professional courtesy, but I agree with Gregg that Andy has his tentacles in Paperless Access. In addition, since the angel halo above Andy was a facade and now clearly we see the real mccoy (satan horns), he must have been compensated for the ASD database they are using. Now I wonder how many times he has sold that ASD DB. Probably along the same lines as lead companies.

    Is anyone talking about ASD/Andy being sued for violating the ASD Privacy Policy when the database was sold or given to PA (maybe others?) without consent?

    Or maybe there was no violation here and Paperless Access is a tentacle of ASD?

    Seems as though a suit claiming privacy violations might shed some light there. Just thinking out loud.

    Confidentiality Statement

    We, at AdSurfDaily, ensure that all personal information submitted to us in processing your account and for billing purposes, etc. will be kept strictly confidential and used soley by AdSurfDaily, its representatives and employees, for the purposes for which it was intended, for the benefit of the subscriber. We agree not to share or release such information to any individual, entity, or third party, without the consent of the subscriber, except as required by law, regulation or governmental authority. All information provided to us by the subscriber is properly stored and handled by authorized AdSurfDaily staff members only.

    HUMMMMM 8>)

  12. Gregg Evans: I have no evidence, but I am absolutely convinced Paperless Access is controlled by Andy.

    I’ve wondered about that as well because any way you slice it, something isn’t making sense here. First criminal charges re:ASD have yet to be introduced, promoting another surf ponzi can’t be a good idea in this light. Then there’s AVG, his step son and several (many?) former ASD employees/insiders are neck deep in it. If he wanted to risk flogging another ponzi, why not AVG? I’ve been looking at the picture on the box but I still can’t see where these two pieces of the puzzle fit.

    There’s something happening here that isn’t public yet. I could see Andy turning states evidence against his ASD pals to save his own ass but to sell the DB and publicly endorse a competitor’s surf scheme? That’s the sort of thing that sends you fishing like Fredo, he’d be pissing off the last people with a motive to be in his corner. Unless the money/banking problems that AVG is going through are a lot worse than we think and Andy getting ahead of the curve with his launch of ASD III?

  13. These comments are intriguing.

    For the sake of discussion, let’s say Paperless Access is a real company that is using a surf model despite everything that has happened since August.

    If you were a lawyer or an investigator working for a lawyer working on a RICO case, would you now want to examine it closely — if for no other reason than Bowdoin’s involvement?

    If PA is real — and if one of its first official acts was to use Bowdoin in any way — it is absolute madness. It means the company is willing to use a known fraudster and possible racketeer as a spokesman, during a RICO investigation, so it can pocket money generated by a scammer.

    If Paperless Access and Bowdoin are one in the same, it also is madness — just indescribable and incomprehensible madness.

    But let’s say PA was mad and greedy and that Bowdoin really is just a spokesman. How will PA keep itself out of a civil or criminal RICO probe now?

    PA does not appear to be using the AVG-like “private association” line of incomprehensible reasoning. But, earlier this month, it WAS using ASD’s website template, FAQs and other constituent parts.

    So, we’re right back to RICO.

    I agree with GlimDropper that some things aren’t making sense here, no matter how you slice it. I also agree that Andy would roll — even on his most ardent supporters. His history strongly suggests he’d be ripe for a deal.

    What speaks against a deal is his own pro se court filings. He also did nothing to renounce the filings of Curtis Richmond and the others.

    Andy appears to be giving the prosecutors even more time to investigate. There is no way that doesn’t amount to bad news for him.

    Along those lines, he has accused his paid lawyers in public filings of incompetence. Now a federal judge effectively has told him he is required to communicate with them at least one more time. It’s anybody’s guess how that will go down.

    And what if his paid lawyer’s can’t reach him? He hasn’t been served with the RICO papers, despite repeated attempts.

    Neither has Garner nor Busby.

    So, three of three RICO defendants have not been served in 75+ days. That means something.

    OK, back to AVG: Talbert resignation announced on Friday, March 20; bank-account suspension announced on Monday, March 23. Coinciding with all of this is was PA video starring Bowdoin and the issuance of a second RICO summons.

    Surf’s Up doesn’t have much of a crowd these days. The Mods still shill for Bowdoin, but seem to disappear for hours and hours at a time.

    It might not be good to be a Surf’s Up Mod these days — not with all these accompanying dramas.


  14. I would think that as officers of the court, and in light of Judge Collyer’s ruling, that any contact Andy has with them wold compel them to present service of the RICO suit, if not on Andy then at least on ASD. They may no longer be Andy’s Attorneys, a case can be made that his pro se filing effectively removed them from his defense, but as the court has refused to accept pro se filings on behalf of the corporation it seems to me that they by default are still the attorney of record on that case and as such, service to them is service to the company. If I’m right, Andy cannot contact his attorney for fear of being served, but he must contact his attorney before the judge will permit him to go on with the instant case in rem. Or in layman’s terms, Andy is screwed either way.
    OF course, Andy doesn’t have two nickels to rub together for anyone, and surely he cannot think that he’ll ever see the seized monies again, or is he that delusional? Could be.

    Anyhow, I still think Andy is Paperless Access, no other principals involved. It just smells like him. A quick grab for some cash, and yes, I think he’s that desperate. I also think he came up with it because he’s more or less behind AVG too, and sees the well rapidly running dry over there. Maybe he wants PA to finance AVG (or which ever one, I can’t keep them all straight. Seriously, does anyone know where I can get a program and scorecard?) Maybe he’s shopping airline prices to flee to Ecuador, or even trying to make sure he pays back all the scam victims and his ex wife in the old scams he was paying restitution for…it could happen.

  15. first i would like to thank BG for still bringing up Steve Renner and his adpac program. Steve is a copy cat marketer. With his home office in Minneapolis Mn and his students telling him about ASD. Steve started adpacs two weeks before August 1st. Many ASDer joined in August and September, but when Steve figure out that he would go broke with matches, he worked with his lawyers to make it legal. A customer who just buys Advertising and that’s it get a 30% rebate that’s all the ASD’ers ran away. I just look into the live webcast on Tuesdays and 35 people were on line that is after 7 months.
    the second point is. Why even go over to the surf up. anything good is deleted. I hate censorship and I want the fed to go after the Mods.

  16. Quick note:

    There appears to have been no action in the Florida AG case against Andy Bowdoin and his wife since Jan. 6, 2009:


    A new judge was assigned in the Florida case on Jan. 5, 2009.


  17. Hi Gregg,

    Gregg Evans: Anyhow, I still think Andy is Paperless Access, no other principals involved. It just smells like him. A quick grab for some cash, and yes, I think he’s that desperate. I also think he came up with it because he’s more or less behind AVG too, and sees the well rapidly running dry over there. Maybe he wants PA to finance AVG (or which ever one, I can’t keep them all straight.

    Wanted to note your comment here and add to it.

    Talbert had the fancy title of CEO at AVG. I’ve always viewed the various titles as ruses to make the businesses seem legitimate.

    The Talbert AVG resignation was announced on a Friday. It was said he’d remain as an accountant.

    How often, in the real world, does a CEO step down and then accept a job in accounting? I mean, from CEO to ACCOUNTING. It just doesn’t happen, an oddity worth mentioning.

    Then there is the entire issue of AVG’s banking troubles. It’s hard to imagine how AVG’s handling on the Talbert resignation/banking problem could be any more ambiguous.

    During the same period of days — on or around March 19 and 20 — the Paperless Access video with Bowdoin surfaced. Given the history of this case, “coincidences” can’t be ignored.

    I’m wondering if the Surf’s Up Mods’ heads are spinning right now and if they privately are coming to the recognition that they hitched themselves to the wrong wagon. Explanations always have strained credulity, but some of these things couldn’t be spun by a Pro. No Pro flack shop could take Bowdoin’s business because the messages are impossible to reconcile.

    Spinning my amateurs only has made matters worse.


  18. If you mean “spinning by amateurs” that makes sense..

    if you really mean, as you typed
    “spinny my amateurs” it’s less clear what you mean but I want to party with you, dude.


  19. Hi Gregg,

    Gregg Evans: If you mean “spinning by amateurs” that makes sense..

    I did indeed intend to type “spinning by amateurs.” :-)

    A note about partying: Today is Maddy’s first birthday — her regards to Chili Dog.

    Maddy is immersed in her Birthday Pig Ear now. I’m guessing she’s not inclined to share, but she’s beaming bunker-to-bunker thoughts, I’m sure.



  20. Chili Dog was born in February, but she came to the bunker complex on May 12th, so that’s when we celebrate her birthday, happy birthday to Maddie!

  21. […] was a way for ASD members to get their money back, he explained. The Pro-ASD Surf’s Up forum later explained that PaperlessAccess has misrepresented itself to Bowdoin. Some people observed that […]