AdViewGlobal Websites Down

UPDATED 11:48 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) At least two websites associated with AdViewGlobal are down. A default Linux Test page is loading at and A page at is forwarding to the domain and loading the same Linux Test page.

Why this is happening is unclear . . .

UPDATE 11:36 A.M. The default Linux Test pages did not load briefly, and the servers threw a general error. Linux pages then returned, only to be replaced by a “Failed To Connect” error.

UPDATE 11:50 A.M. The sites now are loading this message: “We are currently working on the AVGA server. Be back in a bit.”

UPDATE 11:57 A.M. Sites appear to be back online.

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7 Responses to “AdViewGlobal Websites Down”

  1. Might have something to do with the The Conficker virus as usual patterned after ASD.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Some AVG members expressed alarm this morning with the site being down, given the sudden Talbert CEO resignation, the bank-account suspension and reports that cashouts were proceeding slowly.

    Took them 20 minutes or more to post a site-maintenance announcement.

    Also of note is that more than 30 hours passed between postings at Surf’s Up — one full day, plus a good chunk of a second day.

    Folks are steamed about the Paperless Access video and other things.


  3. This down-and-up action is typical of a ponzi scam. It often means that the web host has found out they are hosting criminal activity. and the scammers have had to find a new, more ponzi friendly web host. Has the IP address changed?

    A typical explanation is “server upgrades” or “server problems” or some such nonsense.

  4. Surfs up not hainvg any posts for 30 hours doens’t mean anyone is not posting, it could be the mods are just deleting it all….

  5. Good point! LOL

  6. Surfs up not hainvg any posts for 30 hours doens’t mean anyone is not posting, it could be the mods are just deleting it all….

    This isn’t the case at all. What’s happening is people are afraid to post on Surf’s up because their threads get taken down, so no one is posting anything. also, the hits are going down across the board on ASD related sites…. Even this one….

    I used to post freguently in the beggining over on Surf’s up, but then after numberous deletions of my threads…. I made the move over to ASD_BIZ.ning….. At least there you can post whatever you want as long as you don’t tear anyone apart…..



  7. Hello Steve,

    Steve: also, the hits are going down across the board on ASD related sites…. Even this one….

    Respectfully, hits are not down at this site. In fact, they are up markedly. We averaged 1,364 page views per day for the month of March, up from 1,182 in February, 656 in January and 306 in December.

    With respect to the ASD case, readers clearly have turned to this site as an information source.

    That was not always the case. Traffic was very light after we began to cover ASD. The ASD members we did draw tended to stop just along enough to swear at us or to argue a case that did not include data.

    We also had spammers and small-scale, organized attacks on the Blog by ASD members.

    Today some people who started as our worst critics now count us as a trusted resource.

    Our audience also has grown as a result of general Ponzi coverage. We were out in front with coverage of the Westridge Capital Management story, receiving thousands and thousands of visits before traditional media even picked up the story.

    With respect to ASD, people were hungry for context they couldn’t find elsewhere; it doesn’t always mean they agree with our point of view, but they appreciate analysis and a practical debate.

    When some ASD members cheered the filing of pro see pleadings in an exceptionally complex case, we pointed out some of the dangers.

    When we reviewed court documents and suggested Clarence Busby might fold and Andy Bowdoin might take the 5th, our critics excoriated us.

    We gained credibility among ASD readers when Busby later folded and Bowdoin later took the 5th.

    When our coverage/commentary of the evidentiary hearing differed from the company line, we received poisonous email and were made the subject of personal attacks that were remarkable for their lack of sobriety.

    We have learned a lot about human nature as a result of our ASD coverage.

    In closing, you’re right about posts getting deleted at Surf’s Up. The last one we saw deleted two days ago was about an uptick in gun sales — too much, even for Surf’s Up.

    Thanks for your note.