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Affinity Fraud Cases In New York And California Fleece Investors Of $35 Million, SEC Says; Ordained Minister Charged In New York Scheme Targeting Elderly Parishioners

Eight people have been charged in unrelated affinity-fraud cases in New York and California that bilked investors out of $35 million, the SEC said. In the New York case, seven members of a Queens church were charged, including a minister. The scheme targeted “mostly elderly” members of the church, fleecing them of $12 million, the […]

Payment Processors Used By Surf Firms Offline

UPDATED 8:56 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Two popular payment processors used by autosurfing firms are offline simultaneously. The main pages for SolidTrustPay of Canada and StrictPay of Panama both will load. But registration buttons for both of the processors are generating server errors and will not load. The problem appears to be affecting secure (https) connections. […]

Arons Blames Friedman For Mediation Failure

Florida resident Jack Arons blamed Dallas attorney Larry Friedman for a breakdown in lawsuit-settlement negotiations, saying Friedman did not take the negotiations seriously. In court filings in which Friedman is seeking a new temporary restraining order against Arons that would prohibit Arons from communicating with reporters and other third parties about the case, Friedman said […]