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SPECIAL REPORT: The Largely Unknown Bowdoin ‘Surf’

SPECIAL REPORT: The Largely Unknown Bowdoin 'Surf'

“But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil.” — From 1 Timothy 6:9-10 He was hailed a Christian “genius,” and AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin often invoked […]

BREAKING NEWS: KINGZ Capital Management Corp. Denies Any Ties To AdViewGlobal Autosurf, Launches Investigation Into AVG Wire Claim; Says Attorneys Are Monitoring Situation

UPDATED 2:59 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Claims by the AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf that KINGZ Capital Management Corp. is aiding AVG in offshore wire transfers are false, and KINGZ has launched an investigation, the company’s top executive said in an interview this morning. “Nothing has ever been accepted from [AVG], nothing has been — and nothing will […]