‘Professor’ Moriarty Started Nonprofit In Name Of Suspect Accused Of Murdering Woman And Shooting Police Officer

UPDATED 4:28 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) On June 2, 2006, Bryan Tullock ran a stop sign in his white Cadillac and was pulled over by police in Montgomery City, Mo., investigators said.

As officer Brandon LyBarger, 25, approached the car shortly after midnight, Tullock shot him four times with a 9-mm handgun and also opened fire on LyBarger’s partner.

The second officer, Jarrod Brooks, returned fire, striking the Cadillac but not Tullock.

When officer Brooks called for backup and went to the aid of his downed colleague, Tullock fled, police said.

Tullock stopped about a block away and broke into the home of Heidi Casagrand. He shot Casagrand twice. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Casagrand, 32, was just just days away from the start of her college career, having recently passed her entrance exams.

Tullock also shot at Casagrand’s husband, David McManus, before leaving the home.

About a block away from the murder scene, Tullock confronted Ricky Fry, 33. Tullock shot Fry eight times outside of his home, leaving him for dead.

A manhunt ensued by Montgomery City Police, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office, Wellsville Police, Jonesburg Police, the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Police captured Tullock at 5:42 a.m., less than six hours after the shootings. The date was June 2, 2006.

On Oct. 2, 2006, four months to the day after the rampage, the state of Missouri recorded the registration of a nonprofit corporation in Tullock’s name.

Records show that AdSurfDaily mainstay Patrick Moriarty was the registrant of the corporation. Moriarty uses the title “Professor,” and also claims to be a minister and “Tax Return Specialist” who also is skilled in “Karma Restoration.”

Both officer LyBarger and Ricky Fry survived Tullock’s rampage. They had been struck by a combined total of 12 bullets, according to witness accounts. Two bullets had been fatal to Casagrand.

After nearly three years, Tullock pleaded guilty to the crimes last month and threw himself on the mercy of the court. He was sentenced to life in prison without opportunity for parole, but could have been sentenced to death. The guilty pleas to multiple crimes, including first-degree murder and shooting a police officer, were not the result of a deal with prosecutors.

Some of his supporters said Tullock had been abused by a priest as a child, insisting that the shootings were an expression of rage against the priest.

Others said Tullock coldly planned the shootings and carried them out in a jealous rage because he was unhappy that his ex-girlfriend was friends with Fry. Casagrand was the best friend of Tullock’s ex-girlfriend.

Moriarty named the nonprofit “Bryan Tullock Org, Inc.” He told Missouri state officials that the organization’s mission was to “protect children from becoming victims of pedophiles and to perform any other legal acts as allowed by Missouri Law and Statutes.”

All proceeds would be distributed to the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), Moriarty said.

Missouri dissolved Moriarty’s nonprofit on Dec. 27, 2007, about 14 months after registration, for failure to file an annual report.

Moriarty, a mainstay in the AdSurfDaily case — and a co-founder in October 2008 of ASD Members International (ASDMI), another nonprofit — was indicted in March on charges of filing false tax returns.

Part of ASDMI’s stated mission was to litigate against the government in the AdSurfDaily case and perhaps even bring criminal charges against prosecutors. ASDMI dissolved itself in January 2009, less than 90 days after registering as a corporation in Missouri.

ASDMI collected money from at least 167 contributors, but never brought any litigation.

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