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BREAKING NEWS: AdViewGlobal Cited As Extension Of AdSurfDaily In RICO Complaint Against Andy Bowdoin

UPDATED 1:26 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) AdViewGlobal has been cited in a racketeering lawsuit against AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin as an extension of ASD. In a motion filed this morning, the plaintiffs pointed out that a bank had closed a Bowdoin account while he was running ASD, after suspicious banking activity triggered Ponzi concerns. The plaintiffs […]

Bernard Madoff Gets Sentencing Max Of 150 Years

Bernard Madoff Gets Sentencing Max Of 150 Years

Convicted Ponzi operator Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison today for destroying lives so he could live in the lap of luxury. Victims cheered the sentence, which prosecutors had recommended as a maximum. Madoff’s attorney argued for 12 years. U.S. District Judge Denny Chin said Madoff deserved the maximum, describing Madoff’s Ponzi […]

Questions AdViewGlobal Members Might Want To Ask The ‘Management Team’ As Surf Sinks Into Cash-Out Abyss

AdViewGlobal (AVG) has announced the suspension of cash-outs and a decision to make an 80/20 program mandatory. AVG members should ask the “management team” if there is any possibility that any of the following three things happened. 1.) Money paid to AdSurfDaily members by ASD ended up in the AVG system. (For example, a member […]

AdViewGlobal ‘Surf’ Firm Suspends Member Cash-Outs, Threatens Media With Copyright-Infringement Lawsuits

AdViewGlobal 'Surf' Firm Suspends Member Cash-Outs, Threatens Media With Copyright-Infringement Lawsuits

UPDATED 4:40 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Before AdViewGlobal (AVG) even shared what it described as a members-only, “Breaking News” announcement that it was suspending cash-outs, the embattled surf firm threatened media outlets with copyright-infringement lawsuits if they published the announcement. Members almost immediately shared the news outside the confines of the AVG “private association,” despite the […]

Members Say AdViewGlobal Problems Are Mounting

UPDATED 11:07 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) AdViewGlobal (AVG) members have asked the company to produce a photograph of the company’s purported headquarters building in Uruguay. Meanwhile, members are complaining about slow payouts or no payouts from the autosurf and requesting photographs of the company’s management team. At the same time, they are complaining about a lack […]

Our Hand In The Problem With ‘Pistol’

Our Hand In The Problem With 'Pistol'

Dear Readers, Many of you are familiar with “Pistol,” one of the posters here. In recent days, Pistol repeatedly sent us communications we deem harassing through our Comments form and our Contact form. When we didn’t submit to his hectoring, he published a video about us on YouTube. The message, of course, is that if […]

Capitalism, Communism, Socialism: Is ‘Autosurfism’ Next? Members Say AdViewGlobal Surf Firm Considering Bailout

UPDATED 11:04 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Plenty of AdViewGlobal (AVG) members are quick to criticize the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve for propping up sick companies. Under pressure from “advertising” participants, however, the autosurf firm may be on the verge of implementing its own bailout plan for rank-and-file members who are sick of “low” payout […]

Has AdViewGlobal Maneuvered Itself Into A Box?

Some members of the AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf say they received no paper profits for surfing yesterday. For weeks, members have complained about “low” payouts, not “no” payouts. Concern now is spreading about the complete absence of payouts yesterday. Some members, however, are saying that complainers have to understand that payouts never were “guaranteed.” AVG is […]

BREAKING NEWS: Busby Dismissed As RICO Defendant; Bank Of America Asks Judge To Stay Lawsuit Until Forfeiture Matter Is Resolved

Three members of AdSurfDaily Inc. who sued Golden Panda Ad Builder President Clarence Busby amid allegations of racketeering have asked a federal judge to dismiss the allegations against Busby. Meanwhile, Bank of America has asked the judge to stay the case until a federal forfeiture proceeding invoving AdSurfDaily and Golden Panda is adjudicated. In essence, […]

AdViewGlobal Members Continue To Question Surf’s Practices; PowerPoint Pitch Claims 37 Percent Conversion Rate If Sales Copy Doesn’t ‘Suck’

UPDATED 10:23 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf members again are complaining about “low” payout rates, confusion about debit cards and how best to fund accounts. They also are grousing about an absence of comprehensible guidance from the top. Meanwhile, some members are grumbling about a culture of super-secrecy, a preoccupation by some leading advocates […]

BizAdSplash Surf Site Offline

UPDATED 6:41 A.M. EDT (June 12, U.S.A.) BAS appears to have come back online overnight. The site now is resolving to a server. It returned briefly at 9 p.m. yesterday. At 9:05 p.m., the site went down again. Total downtime yesterday was at least 6 hours , perhaps as many as 14, based on reports […]