REPORTS: James W. Von Brunn, White Supremacist And Conspiracy Theorist, Opens Fire In Holocaust Museum

Not long ago, James W. von Brunn challenged Barack Obama’s citizenship, one of the core qualifications to hold the office of President of the United States.

In 1981, von Brunn accused the Federal Reserve Board of “treason,” showing his displeasure by wielding a sawed-off shotgun, pistol and knife at board headquarters, threatening members and claiming to have planted a bomb.

His goal, he said later, was to place board members under “legal” arrest, but he was thwarted by police, prosecutors and judges who didn’t understand the law. Other judges who didn’t understand the law later denied his appeal.

He served six and one-half years in prison.

Today, von Brunn, 88, walked into the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., opened fire with a gun described as having a long barrel and shot a security guard. The guard later died.

Other guards opened fire on von Brunn, a white supremacist, antiSemite and conspiracy theorist.  He is being treated at a hospital and is listed in critical condition.

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  1. Saint Michael: THat is an interesting perspective. Do you feel the same way about the Canadians and the Mexicans? or is it something unique about Americans?

    I’m not sure what you mean. Feeling what way about what?


  2. Pistol sometimes I find you quite funny. Can’t you see Alasycia and I are having a conversation about world history here? I am interested in hearing her perspective. I posted that last item before seeing your post. It was meant for her. Though your welcome to chime in…

    Your post and your request are puzzling.


  3. Because of our form of government the US has become a most prosperous country.

    And being so sufficiently vast and in possession of its own raw materials and natural resources to be able to survive independently if it had to close its borders, which no other country apart from the old Russia could do. You also have some poverty levels in the US population that are unthinkable in today’s Europe.

    We have heard the US generosity argument many times, and that may have been true in the past, but is hardly relevant to GWB’s incursions into Iraq. And, without wishing to be accused of being cynical, much American aid has arrived in the rest of the world with some very large strings attached. It is called Tied Aid. In modern times, the US is not the only government who offers assistance – as has been evidence in the various natural disasters that have taken place in the past decade.

    As for having members of your family in the military, it must be a constant source of worry for you and my heart goes out to you. War is not glorious, nor even patriotic, unless your own country is under attack and you have to defend it from an invading army. War is no longer fought on battle fields with heraldic trumpets to indicate the start of the battle. War is a terrible tool used by governments to solve problems. People lose there homes, live in daily fear for their lives, and many die in their own soil at the hands of their enemies. All I can say is that I thank the lord that conscription no longer exists in Spain and that neither of my two boys have to go to war in any place in the world if they chose not to.

    Equally The Vietnam war and the draft was a terrible era in American history that caused real suffering to the soldiers and the families of those who were obliged by their country to serve there – not to mention to the civilians in Vietnam. There must be many mothers who are giving thanks that they did not bring in the draft for the Iraqi war. It was a black period in American domestic history.

    And all of this is totally irrelevant to the fact that a white supremacist shot a guard in the Holocaust museum in Washington. lol

    Patrick, can Festa do his questionnaire? I’m game.


  4. Hmm – St. M – I wasnt aware that Mexican or Canadan military was involved in any way in the present scenario in the Middle East. Neither have I heard either of them jumping up and down about how generous they have been to other countries, nor that they have saved the world from itself. Did I miss something?


  5. Though your welcome to chime in…


    America has been most generous in its contributions to helping countries in need whether militarily or humanitarily, wouldn’t you agree?

    I wouldn’t agree. It is a fallacy. American foreign aid taken as a percentage of GDP is, I think, around 0.1%. This is the lowest of all industrialized nations. Hopefully that % will rise shortly now that President Obama is in the White House.


  6. “Your post and your request are puzzling.”

    Really? Jenny seems to have got the idea quite quickly.

    I ask you both a few straight and to the point questions and you both, if possible, give me straight and to the point answers. Pretty simple, really.


  7. Alasycia my question about Canadaians and Mexicans was in response to this satement…
    “The difficulty for many of us, when discussing wars and bombs with people who live in the US, is that the US has NOT had to suffer a war on its soil in modern times. It has never had enemy bombs falling on its homes and industry. It has never been occupied by foreign powers. It has never been at risk from invasion by neighbouring countries.” THe Mexicans and the Canadians have also not had to suffer those things in modern times. Do you have difficulty discussing wars and bombs with them?


  8. thanks for posting that Alasycia. I gained some new insights from your perspective. I hadn’t thought about global entitlement as a natural progression of the socialist mindset but it makes sense. You think the US is greedy because they are not giving their assets and natural resources to the world for free. The world is entitled to the Unites States great achievements regardless who gave their lives and fortunes and risked all to develop, discover and create those achievements.

    In a perfect world it would be great if the world would just share it’s resources freely with each other. It will never happen, of course because there will always be those who want a piece of the pie without doing anything for it. (Pistol, you can interject your usual broken record at this point)

    Thanks for the interesting discussion.


  9. May I ask, Saint Michael, have you or do you intend to take the 5th regarding my little survey?


  10. Hi St. M. I dont know where you managed to find any comments about global entitlement out of a remark about the US’s ability to be self sufficient due to their natural resources. I dont see where it said or implied that the rest of the world should be able to share them. You seem to be assuming a lot about the remark.

    The comment about US Tied Aid is not an invention. I live in a country that received Marshal Aid – and it did have strings attached, as does much aid given by one country to another. Statistics show, however that the US, followed by Italy are two of the countries who ask for the most in return. And, unfortunately, Festa’s comment about the percentage given is bordering on the correct.

    Where I think you misunderstand my post is that I am not suggesting the US should give aid or shouldnt give aid. My comment is simply that one’s gets a little weary of hearing constantly about US generosity Other countries also help, with varying degrees of strings attached.

    And Festa, on second thoughts – as any survey of yours will probably involve cartoons, I think I’ll be a coward and pass.


  11. alasycia:
    And Festa, on second thoughts – as any survey of yours will probably involve cartoons, I think I’ll be a coward and pass.

    No cartoons. Just a few questions and answers. Of course, silence is always a loud reply. I thought you were made of sterner stuff than that.


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