Bernard Madoff Gets Sentencing Max Of 150 Years

Bernard Madoff

Bernard Madoff

Convicted Ponzi operator Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison today for destroying lives so he could live in the lap of luxury.

Victims cheered the sentence, which prosecutors had recommended as a maximum. Madoff’s attorney argued for 12 years.

U.S. District Judge Denny Chin said Madoff deserved the maximum, describing Madoff’s Ponzi scheme as “extraordinarily evil” and not just a crime that takes place on paper.

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5 Responses to “Bernard Madoff Gets Sentencing Max Of 150 Years”

  1. Some stories about the victims.

    Victims want ‘life sentence’

    Son tracks clues to Madoff hustle

    Unravelling the ‘Madoff hustle’

  2. DO you think that will deter Andy, Judy and George? I think the biggest deterrent for Judy and George might have been locking up Andy. What makes the son and dughter(step and in-law) embark on the same scheme if not the thinking that dad got away with it and they will too?

  3. The sentence certainly demonstrates how seriously the courts are taking the crime of running a ponzi. The 150 years has surprised (and delighted) many people.

    And they have just sentenced a man who confessed of his own volition, which must be a point in his favor.

    Things could well look very black for anyone presently involved in running other ponzi schemes.

    This comment from the BBC site , by one of his victims reminded me of Andy Bowdoin and ASD.

    “The couple, [who] believe there is more than one person responsible for the scam”

  4. Did anyone watch This World on BBC2 a few days ago? It was about Bernie, and it had a very good description of ponzi schemes. Of course the description also matches ASD and AVG. If anyone missed it, it’s available on the iplayer:

  5. […] collapsed less than two months later, on June 24. Five days later, on June 29, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison. One day after that, on June 30, AVG’s name was mentioned in a racketeering lawsuit filed […]