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BREAKING NEWS: Biz Ad Splash Suspends Member Cashouts; Busby Said Firm In ‘Crisis’ And Will Perform Self-Audit

BREAKING NEWS: Biz Ad Splash Suspends Member Cashouts; Busby Said Firm In 'Crisis' And Will Perform Self-Audit

UPDATED 10:40 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Clarence Busby has announced in a video that Business Ad Splash (BAS) is in a “crisis situation” and has suspended cashouts until at least Sept. 1. Busby blamed the crisis on overpayments to members, referring to the overpayments as the “60 percent gift I am giving.” Things just weren’t going […]

BREAKING NEWS: Bank Of America Granted Motion To Stay Case In Which Plaintiffs Said It Aided And Abetted Racketeers Running Florida Ponzi Scheme From A Former Flower Shop

A federal judge has granted a motion by Bank of America to stay a case in which it was alleged to have aided and abetted racketeers operating a Ponzi scheme from a former flower shop in Quincy, Fla. The bank was not named a RICO defendant in the lawsuit, which was filed by members of […]

BULLETIN: Judge Orders Golden Panda Forfeiture

UPDATED 3:23 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A federal judge has issued an order that formalizes the forfeiture of more than $14 million from Golden Panda Ad Builder to the U.S. government. The ruling means that $14,048,598.07 seized from five Golden Panda bank accounts in the names of Clarence Busby or Dawn Stowers now belongs to the […]

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Orders Bowdoin To Show Cause Or Face Consent To Forfeiture Of Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

A federal judge has ordered Andy Bowdoin, AdSurfDaily Inc. and Bowdoin/Harris Enterprises Inc. to show cause by Aug. 7 why a series of motions filed by Bowdoin as a pro se litigant should not be denied. Judge Rosemary Collyer noted in the order that Charles A. Murray, a paid attorney Bowdoin had hired after Bowdoin […]

UNCONFIRMED: Harris Family In Uruguay, AVG Staff Fired

Comments on this Blog from a poster who uses the username Luisa are working their way around the web, but we have not been able to confirm the claims. Among other things, Luisa said George and Judy Harris, whom AdViewGlobal (AVG) identified as its owners, are or were living in Uruguay and fired the Uruguay-based […]