Rumor Mill Working Overtime In AdSurfDaily Case

Reports that the government has been given until Aug. 28 to demonstrate AdSurfDaily is a Ponzi scheme are false.

The false reports have been circulating among ASD members and are driven by at least one upline sponsor.

Fact is, ASD President Andy Bowdoin has been given until Aug. 28 to show cause why his motion to reverse his decision to forfeit tens of millions of dollars seized from his bank accounts should not be denied. The original deadline was Aug. 7. We covered this story July 24.

Since that time, Charles Murray, Bowdoin’s attorney, asked for the Aug. 7 deadline to be extended until Aug. 28 because ASD and the government were negotiating. Judge Rosemary Collyer granted the deadline extension.

Regardless, reports have circulated for a few days that the government was on the precipice and would lose the ASD case if it did not come up with better evidence by Aug. 28.

“Guess what!!!” an ASD sponsor exclaimed to a downline group today. “The Government has until Aug 28th to prove that ASD was a ponzi scheme. So far they have not been able to do it. There is a chance we might be back in business!!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome!!”

It simply is not true.

Similar reports surfaced on the Pro-ASD Surf’s Up Forum in April. An order by the judge for prosecutors to respond to Andy Bowdoin’s pro se pleadings by a certain date was interpreted as an order to prosecutor William Cowden  to “charge Andy Bowd[o]in or end it and return the money.”

The false report gave hope to some ASD members that Bowdoin was on the cusp of scoring a dramatic win. About two weeks after the false report appeared on Surf’s Up, prosecutors filed a court document and noted Andy Bowdoin had signed a proffer letter in the case and acknowledged that the material allegations against ASD all were true.

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2 Responses to “Rumor Mill Working Overtime In AdSurfDaily Case”

  1. I think I know how this rumour started. “Investigative” reporter Mike Mason said in one of his “articles” –

    August 28th is the deadline for Judge Collyer to determine if the US Attorney General’s case against ASD should move forward.

    This was yet another incorrect fact posted on his blog. The deadline is not for the judge to rule, but for Uncle “Too Honest to Testify” Andy to reply.

  2. Darn, my record for use of exclamation points has been broken.