BREAKING NEWS: Judge Denies Stream Of Pro Se Filers

Motions to intervene filed last week by 10 pro se litigants in the AdSurfDaily federal forfeiture case have been denied.

U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer denied the motions late today, saying the petitioners had no standing in the case.

Collyer’s opinion was brief, consisting of only two paragraphs. The pro se pleadings had been styled as motions “to Intervene and Petition to Return Wrongfully Confiscated Funds.”

Denied were Jacqueline Poggioreale, Joseph Poggioreale, Lisa Koehler, Carol L. Rose, Bruce Disner, Pablo G. Camus, Todd C. Disner, Georgette Stille, Alfredo Perez-Cappelli, and Gallagher and Sons Inc.

Read the denial.

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7 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Judge Denies Stream Of Pro Se Filers”

  1. Thank God she took little time to deny these ridiculous filings.

  2. Now the curtain has fallen on ACT III. Now it is time for ACT IV. Get ready folks, because this is going to get really good.

  3. Besides dragging out the time it takes until snailspace receives some resolution, the pro se filings weren’t a complete waste. These people have now submitted signed statements to the court, under oath. If they are of some value to later cases, the filers will be hard pressed to deny them if it’s to their advantage later.

    Judge Collyer was explicit in her earlier ruling denying the pro se motions that the issue was between the government and Andy’s property.

    What were they thinking?

  4. Bless the Judge! She sure knows how to follow her own legal precedents. How could the filers have been so dumb. She has already pronounced once on the situation, with a very very clear explanation readable by the average person without legal knowledge and only a short time ago.

    It is incredible how people leave their brains at home when the $$$ calls.

  5. How could the filers have been so dumb? Was that rhetorical?

  6. I find it pretty entertaining…realizing that it’s not for those waiting for a resolution. I think those statements will reap dividends for the authorities later. We will just have to follow the bouncing ball.

    Don – With an Agenda: How could the filers have been so dumb? Was that rhetorical?

  7. I’m not all sure these filings are delaying anything anymore, they’re being tossed in advance of the next hearings, annoying for the judge, but no real events have actually been delayed because of them. I also doubt Andy is actively behind them, now that he has a real lawyer, he has a lot less risky ways to drag this out for years if he so chooses. Realistically, the timeline for any restitution payments is still a year or two out.