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ATTACK UNDERWAY: Ponzi Advocate ‘joe’ Says ‘joe Leaves When joe Wants To Leave’ And That Blog Will Be ‘Scrambling To Put Out Fires’

UPDATED 8:44 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) The attack described below abated for a short time, and then started anew, with “joe” back posting from his usual IP. He has posted from two IP’s today, using the identities “Mr. Wonderful”; “Quicjk”; and “Almighty Joseph (the risen),” along with multiple email addresses, including one that uses the word […]

BREAKING NEWS: Prosecution Files Supplemental Brief In Response To Pro Se Pleadings In ASD Case; Says Petitioners ‘Must Establish An Interest In A Property That Existed BEFORE The Crime Occurred’

Federal prosecutors in the AdSurfDaily forfeiture case have filed a supplemental brief in response to a spate of pro se motions filed by members of ASD that says the members “must establish an interest in a property that existed before the crime occurred.” Today’s brief by the prosecution may be a bid to put would-be […]

Silent Coup? Regulators Confront False Nation-States In Burgeoning Battle Against Large-Scale Ponzi Schemes

Have the brick-and-mortar media largely missed an important political, legal and financial story — one that features nation-states being declared within U.S. borders and satellite, U.S.-style democracies being declared on paper overseas in a bid to skirt securities laws and financial regulations and make Ponzi schemes “legal?” It seems so. There has been spot coverage […]