BREAKING NEWS: Prosecution Files Supplemental Brief In Response To Pro Se Pleadings In ASD Case; Says Petitioners ‘Must Establish An Interest In A Property That Existed BEFORE The Crime Occurred’

Federal prosecutors in the AdSurfDaily forfeiture case have filed a supplemental brief in response to a spate of pro se motions filed by members of ASD that says the members “must establish an interest in a property that existed before the crime occurred.”

Today’s brief by the prosecution may be a bid to put would-be intervenors on notice that the government has evidence of crimes that occurred within ASD long ago, perhaps before some or all of the pro se litigants even joined the purported “advertising” business.

An unofficial total of 25 pro se motions have flooded the docket of U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer since Aug. 24, including  one yesterday and one so far today. The most recent pro se filers include Earl R. DeHart Jr., who says the government owes him $2,135.65 for its actions against ASD, and Peter McFray, who says the government owes him $1,700.

All of the pro se filers have used a litigation blueprint that was circulated among members of one or more ASD downline groups.

Collyer ruled against the first 10 pro se petitioners Aug. 31, saying they had no standing in the case. Since that time, 15 additional pro se pleadings that appear to have been in transit when Collyer denied the first 10 have arrived at the courthouse.

Prosecutors’ brief today appears to have been a bid to provide Collyer with even more ammunition to reject the claims.

Read the prosecution’s brief.

The pro se filers all have found fault with the prosecutors’ actions against ASD.

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