Surf’s Up Mods Have High Positions In AdViewGlobal

Four moderators at the Pro-AdSurfDaily Surf’s Up forum hold high positions in the AdViewGlobal autosurf or have a spouse who does, according to AVG’s website.

AVG launched in the aftermath of the seizure of tens of millions of dollars last year from ASD, a Florida company federal prosecutors said was engaged in wire fraud, money-laundering and the sale of unregistered securities while operating a Ponzi scheme.

Larry Alford, the husband of Surf’s Up Mod Barb Alford, holds position 11; Mod Terralynn Hoy holds position 12; Mod Laura Pont holds position 14; and Mod Kathryn Milner holds position 15.

Whether the Mods are still associated with AVG is unclear. Also unclear is whether Alford, Hoy and Pont continue to play an active role at Surf’s Up.

Other members with high positions include David Meade (9); Mindy Bales (19); and Nate Boyd (20). Bales helped organize rallies for ASD in Iowa, and Boyd is a former ASD compliance officer, members said.

The No. 5 position in AVG is held by unnamed “AVG Executives.” Gerald Castor, an AVG compliance officer who was sued twice last year for violations of federal labor law, is AVG member No. 59, according to the website.

ASD gave Surf’s Up its official endorsement Nov. 27, 2008, eight days after a federal judge ruled that ASD had not demonstrated at an evidentiary hearing that it was a legal business and not a Ponzi scheme.

AVG insisted for weeks prior to its February launch that it had no affiliation with ASD or ASD President Andy Bowdoin, whom members now say was the silent head of AVG. On Jan. 31, AVG’s graphics appeared in an ASD-controlled webroom, but AVG said the development was an “operational coincidence.”

Former ASD executive Gary Talbert holds the No. 1 position in AVG, which purports to be headquartered in Uruguay but also filed papers in Florida.

In March, AVG advised members its bank account had been suspended. The surf blamed members in its announcement. Regardless, AVG embarked on a 200-percent, matching-bonus program for both members and their sponsors. One email promotion after the announcement of the account suspension claimed $5,000 spent with AVG turned into $15,000 “instantly!”

The March email bore the name of Shad Foss, a promoter associated with the CEP Ponzi scheme. ASD once advertised that it accepted CEP Trust, the failed payment processor associated with CEP, which was dismantled in 2007 by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

By June 25, AVG announced it was suspending member cashouts and conducting an audit of itself.

In April, federal prosecutors announced in court filings that ASD President Andy Bowdoin had signed a proffer letter in the ASD forfeiture case and acknowledged the company was operating illegally. The date Bowdoin signed the proffer letter is not publicly known. It is possible Bowdoin signed the letter weeks before the launch of AVG.

What is known is that Bowdoin signed the letter before Jan. 13, 2009. AVG was in prelaunch at the time and launched fully in early February.

It is not publicly known if others have signed proffer letters. Federal prosecutors say ASD is a criminal enterprise, and private attorneys have accused ASD and Bowdoin of racketeering.

During the spring and summer, AVG authored a series of bizarre announcements to explain developments, blaming members for a decision to disable a forum and threatening them with copyright-infringement lawsuits for sharing news. The surf also threatened to contact the ISPs of members who asked questions.

Another AVG forum run by some of the Surf’s Up Mods and members also closed in the aftermath of the surf’s decision to suspend cashouts. Surf’s Up itself deleted some AVG-related content.

Both Surf’s Up and the AVG forum operated by some of its Mods declared Curtis Richmond a “hero” earlier this year, after Richmond accused a federal judge and the ASD prosecutors of crimes in a pro se court filing.

Richmond is associated with a Utah “Indian” tribe a federal judge ruled a complete “sham” in a racketeering case in which it was alleged that the tribe had harassed public officials by placing enormous financial judgments against them, including one for $250 million against a county prosecutor and one for $300,000 against a family-services worker.

Richmond signed the fraudulent award against the family-services worker, and also sought to have judges and litigation opponents jailed, according to court filings. In one case, the tribe contrived its own “Supreme Court,” using the address of a Utah doughnut shop, and issued bogus arrest warrants. The U.S. Marshals Service refused to serve the warrants, which called for the arrests of judges, bankers and attorneys representing bankers.

An unofficial total of 57 pro se pleadings by Richmond and other ASD members followed after Richmond’s initial filing in February, including a recent spate of 41. A federal judge has rejected all of the claims. The most recent claims accused the government of “reckless action and reckless disregard of the law.”

Pro se claims by Andy Bowdoin have not been fully addressed by the judge because Bowdoin did not follow up on his initial claims. Bowdoin’s attorney announced last month that he is negotiating with federal prosecutors. Bowdoin has been ordered by the court to show cause by Monday why his pro se motion to undo the decision he made to submit to the forfeiture in January should not be denied.

Bowdoin submitted to the forfeiture while employing paid counsel Jan. 13. The first of his pro se pleadings to reverse his forfeiture decision was dated Feb. 25. On the previous day, Feb. 24, reports circulated that the U.S. Secret Service had seized the individual bank accounts of some ASD members, including at least one account owned by an AVG member.

On Feb. 26, AVG announced it was switching to an “association” structure after consulting with Pro Advocate Group, a firm associated with Karl Dahlstrom, a felon convicted of securities fraud in the 1990s and sentenced to 78 months in federal prison.

Surf’s Up also endorsed a letter-writing campaign by “Professor” Patrick Moriarty, now under indictment for federal tax fraud. In 2006, Moriarty started a nonprofit corporation for a man accused of murdering a Missouri woman in cold blood, shooting a police officer four times — and another man eight times.

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10 Responses to “Surf’s Up Mods Have High Positions In AdViewGlobal”

  1. Patrick,

    Did they ever find those missing millions? Did anyone check the couch cushions?

  2. Hi Don,

    Don: Did they ever find those missing millions?

    AVG says it identified a suspect in a purported $2.7 million theft. I am not publishing the name because of AVG’s internal maze and because the management structure and internal operations appear to have been a trainwreck. If I can find public records to substantiate the theft claim, I will publish them.

    There are overlapping mazes and mazes within mazes in this case. AVG’s theft claim cannot be substantiated right now from the information available. That does not mean a theft or thefts did not occur.

    What it means, in my view, is that there were so many holes in the system and so few safeguards that thefts could have occurred at multiple points by multiple people.

    It also means, in my view, that thefts could have come early and often through cherry-picking.

    If the AVG “founders'” capital contributions consisted of paper profits from ASD or if AVG ported over from ASD the ASD accounts of founders — and if people got paid based on what existed in ASD when new money flowed into AVG — then it can be viewed as another form of theft.

    The December ASD forfeiture complaint reads very much like a prequel to what happened later inside AVG.

    AVG’s claim that members abused the system with the cash button it provided sounds very much like ASD’s “Russian” hackers’ claim noted in the December complaint.



  3. Pont is on the lake enjoying the water toys purchased for members pleasure and benefit.

  4. I think we would all have been more surprised if they weren’t in the top positions. It was obvious with all their talk of AVGA and them setting up the forum was an immediate give-away to a lot of us. What was truly surprising, but glad to see, was that Barb McIntrye did not go along for the ride. Too bad the others did not follow her lead. They may rue the day they didn’t, but that is just my opinion.

  5. Barb was involved..she was a member of AVGA at the very least. At one time it was all in her back office. She removed any reference to AVGA from her forum/back-office, as did most of the other surf’s up members. This happened LONG before it started to free fall .

  6. Barb McIntyre’s involvement in AVGA was different that that of the other Mods – she may not have been a founder or something was different. What the difference was is a moot point. She was, as said above, a very early member of AVGA and did have her link and details on the Surfs Up site at the beginning. This was then followed by many protests that she was not in AVGA, which didnt really square up.

  7. Thanks to all for the clarification about Barb M. being involved in AVGA. I should have known better. Birds of a feather………

  8. I wonder how many of the former ASD members actually switched to AVG based on the ‘Mods’ cheerleading tactics? Better yet I wonder how the converts feel now that they know the ‘Mods’ are up in high places within AVG……..suckers…all suckers!!!!

  9. […] among the “employees” listed were Terralynn Hoy and Catherine Parker, both of whom were affiliated with AdSurfDaily, which the U.S. Secret Service […]

  10. […] among the “employees” listed were Terralynn Hoy and Catherine Parker, both of whom were affiliated with AdSurfDaily, which the U.S. Secret Service […]