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A STUDY IN CONTRAST: Arnold Palmer’s Congressional Gold Medal Vs. Andy Bowdoin’s Congressional Medal Of Distinction

A STUDY IN CONTRAST: Arnold Palmer's Congressional Gold Medal Vs. Andy Bowdoin's Congressional Medal Of Distinction

Tomorrow President Obama will present the Congressional Gold Medal to American icon Arnold Palmer. The AP wire carried the story today. By coincidence, the Orlando Sentinel simultaneously was reporting that a two-year-old girl was rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, after she was found submerged and unresponsive in a swimming pool. Simultaneously Florida Today […]

OBSTRUCTION? ASD Spokeswoman Whose Name Appeared In Secret Service Filing Says She Instructed Members NOT To Fill Out Government Form; Now Appears To Be Advising Members To Clam Up If Contacted By Agents

Andy Bowdoin’s recent court filings are “delusional,” federal prosecutors said yesterday. And now a woman who apparently is AdSurfDaily’s new spokesperson purportedly has sent an email in which she said she advised members after the seizure of tens of millions of dollars from Bowdoin’s bank accounts last year not to fill out the government form […]