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TEA LEAVES: AdSurfDaily Case About To Come To A Head?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reading the tea leaves in court cases often is an iffy proposition, and there often is no way to know what will happen when. Readers are advised to keep those thoughts in mind when considering the information in this story. UPDATED 7:03 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Recent court filings suggest — although it is […]

Three Men Charged With Exploiting Software Glitch To Make Slot Machine Pay Double; Scheme Netted $430,000

Washington County District Attorney Steven Toprani called it the largest heist in the three-year history of casino gambling in Pennsylvania and one of the largest thefts from a single machine in U.S. history. A grand jury called it conspiracy, receiving stolen property, computer trespassing, lying to investigators and more, and police and gaming officials were […]