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HYIP/AUTOSURF SHOCKWAVES: Regulators Order Canadian Ponzi Schemers To Pay Penalties Totaling $26 Million And To Disgorge Illegal Profits Of $16 Million; Case Has Parallels To AdSurfDaily And AdViewGlobal

The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has ordered four respondents in a civil action to pay penalties of $26 million for operating a Ponzi scheme and to surrender $16 million in illegal profits. In forceful findings that may echo throughout the HYIP and autosurfing universe, BCSC said the schemers tried to skirt securities laws by […]

NO AUTOSURF ENVY: Newspaper Circulation Plunges; Top Publications Hemorrhage Print Readers As Industry Looks To Harness Power Of Internet Advertising

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’ve been approached by individuals or a downline “team” and invited to join an online “surfing” program that purports to be an “advertising” company, this column may be of some value to you. Extremely well-known publishing companies — companies that produce titles you know and love, and companies that know advertising and […]