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BREAKING NEWS: Bank Of America Named In New Lawsuit Amid Allegations It Aided And Abetted Alleged ‘Beau Diamond’ Ponzi Scheme In Florida; Lawyer Who Sued ASD President Andy Bowdoin For Racketeering Is Co-Counsel For Plaintiffs

UPDATED 2:07 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Courthouse News Service is reporting that Bank of America has been named a defendant in a federal lawsuit filed in Florida that alleges it aided and abetted the Beau Diamond Ponzi scheme that fleeced investors out of millions of dollars. Bank of America also is named a defendant in a […]

UPDATE: Another Parallel To ASD/Golden Panda/AVG Emerges In Canadian Probe Of Manna Trading Corp. Ltd.

Yesterday we reported that the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) ordered penalties and disgorgement totaling $42 million in the case against Legacy Capital Inc., Legacy Trust Inc., Manna Trading Corp Ltd. and Manna Humanitarian Foundation. We reported several parallels to the ongoing investigation in the United States into the business practices of AdSurfDaily/Golden Panda Ad […]