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BREAKING NEWS: Prosecution Says It Will Seek Default Judgment Against ASD Assets Named In December 2008 Complaint; Asserts Bowdoin, Others Were Served ‘Direct Notice’ In January 2009, But Did Not File Claims To More Than $1 Million In Property Paid For By Members

UPDATED 8:09 A.M. ET (NOV. 7 U.S.A.) Easy come, easy go? ASD President Andy Bowdoin and unnamed others were served “direct notice” in January 2009 of a forfeiture complaint filed in December 2008 but did not file claims to property the government intends to seize as proceeds of a crime, federal prosecutors said this morning. […]

Another Massive Ponzi Scheme Probe Under Way In Minnesota; Case Reminiscent Of Alleged Ponzis Of Tom Petters, Matthew Scott And Andy Bowdoin

Gerard Frank Cellette Jr. is suspected of operating a Ponzi scheme that involved tens of millions of dollars and was based on bogus printing contracts, prosecutors in Minnesota said yesterday. Cellette, 44, of Andover, Minn., owes investors at least $53 million, according to the felony complaint filed by the office of Hennepin County Attorney Mike […]