Amid Ponzi Swirl, Scott Rothstein Disbarred For Life

Florida attorney Scott Rothstein became famous in the environs of Miami and Fort Lauderdale for both puffing on and stockpiling cigars.

But he’ll no longer have the opportunity to seek to impress members of the Florida Bar as a cigar aficionado. In fact, even his days as a purported legal aficionado have come to an end.

Rothstein will be disbarred permanently, pending an order by the Florida Supreme Court.

“The Florida Bar and Scott W. Rothstein have agreed to his permanent disbarment — subject to the approval of the Supreme Court of Florida — in lieu of Rothstein defending himself against allegations of disciplinary violations,” said Florida Bar President Jesse H. Diner.

“Rothstein was under investigation for violations of The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, including misappropriation of funds from trust accounts,” Diner said.

“The Florida Bar has been monitoring the federal investigation of Mr. Rothstein and we have been in contact with the court-appointed receiver for the firm as well as the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” Diner said. “While the case is very complex, it became evident that Bar rules may have been violated.”

It’s bad for all attorneys and the public when a lawyer disgraces the trade, Diner said.

“This is a terribly unfortunate and tragic situation, but it is also a rare circumstance in the legal profession,” he said. “The great majority of Florida attorneys serve their clients admirably and in accordance with the Bar’s rules of professional conduct. However, rule violations are not tolerated and the Bar takes appropriate actions to protect the public against further harm. The Florida Bar will continue to investigate any violations of its rules by other attorneys who may have been involved in this case.”

No charges have been brought against Rothstein, but a sweeping probe into his business practices continues. The FBI said the alleged Ponzi and fraud scheme could involve more than $1 billion.

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6 Responses to “Amid Ponzi Swirl, Scott Rothstein Disbarred For Life”

  1. Wonder if any complaints have been lodged with the North Carolina Bar Association in regard to Mr. Garner’s conduct in ASD and his “legality” statement? Also having been named a defendant in the RICO Class Action lawsuit should have grabbed the Bar’s attention. I wonder how long before the North Carolina Bar acts to have Robert Garner disbarred?

  2. North Carolina is like Texas when it comes to crooked lawyers…nothing is done no matter how many complaints are received.

  3. The name that sprang to mind on reading this article was not Robert Garner, but Larry Friedman of Friedman & Feiger and his associates.

    It is good to see that in Florida, at least, they no longer see all attorneys as being above the law.

  4. I would like to wish the entire Rothstein family a heart felt Mazel Tov and congratulation on the disbarrment of their son Scott from the Florida Bar.

    As well, I would like to wish Scott a pleasant trip to the Big House paid for in part by with tax dollars from the same people you cheated, conned, lied to, manipulated and ‘befriended’.

    Scott my Jewish ‘Brother’, you give hard working Jews like me a black eye and bad name.

    Now wonder “we” are so hated and vilified and who can blame them?

    Even as a Jew, I now “understand” why Anti-Semites hate “us” so much.
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    Why is that Scott?

    Soon they will be your new “brothers” since I no longer am.

    Am Yisroel Chai and B”H

  5. Oy Vey, Mendel. Regrettably greed and hypocracy is not the prerogative of the goyim. All races and religions have their members who have more than their share of human failings, their meshugeners and their racists.

    Just as the Rothsteins and Madoffs of this world, bring shame to the jewish population, good God loving christians feel the same about the Bowdoins and others of this world who abuse their heritage and beliefs in a criminal fashion for their own advantage.

    Our best hope for the future is that the world is becoming more aware of and less tolerant of white collar and internet crime, irrespective of the tactics of its perpetrators.

  6. Mendel Zalman: Bugattis, Lambos, Rolls, Bentley (note the absence of German vechiles because of Scott’s silent protest about the Holocaust

    I doubt that is true, he got them because they are flash motors. Anyway, Bugatti I owned by VW, I think the prancing horse is Audi(?) and/or VW, and Rolls and Bently are a mixture of BMW and VW. So much for the anti-german sentiment.