BREAKING NEWS: Host Of ‘Follow The Money’ Christian Radio Show Patrick Kiley Accused In Minnesota Of Operating Ponzi Scheme That Gathered $190 Million

ponzinewsRadio talk-show host Patrick “Pat” Kiley is among the defendants accused in an emergency action by the SEC of operating a $190 million Ponzi scheme in Minnesota.

A federal judge has granted an asset freeze and appointed a receiver. At least $51 million in Ponzi payments were made, the SEC said.

Also charged were Trevor G. Cook, UBS Diversified Growth LLC, Universal Brokerage FX Management LLC, Oxford Global Advisors LLC, Oxford Global Partners LLC and four shell companies. Several companies were named relief defendants.

“Cook and Kiley told investors that their money would be invested safely and profitably,” said Merri Jo Gillette, director of the SEC’s Chicago Regional Office. “Instead, they went on a $40 million-plus spending spree with investors’ money and lost another $40 million in risky foreign currency trading.”

The SEC said “Cook and Kiley misappropriated $42.8 million of investors’ money, including $18 million that Cook used to buy ownership interests in two trading firms; $12.8 million that Cook and Kiley transferred to Panama to purportedly finance the construction of a casino; $2.8 million that Cook used to acquire the Van Dusen Mansion [in Minneapolis] and $4.8 million that Cook lost through gambling,” the SEC said.

“Cook and Kiley also misspent approximately $51 million to make Ponzi-like payments to earlier investors,” the SEC charged.

Meanwhile, “Cook and Kiley placed $108 million of investors’ funds into banking and trading accounts in the names of their various shell companies and used some of this money to trade foreign currencies, resulting in losses of at least $48 million,” the SEC said.

Kiley, 71, hosted a program named “Follow the Money” on 200 stations and Christian short-wave radio.

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5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Host Of ‘Follow The Money’ Christian Radio Show Patrick Kiley Accused In Minnesota Of Operating Ponzi Scheme That Gathered $190 Million”

  1. “Christian” my ass! Start with Pat Robertson – thru that miserable bunch of Republican Senators, Congressmen and Governors to these modern day money changers. These are the people Jesus taught against. Rotten, evil SOB’s and you throw that bunch of stinking catholic bishops in with ’em.

  2. These scum are nothing new. They are just the tip of the iceberg.
    I think I would rather use cash to light fires with before I “invest” with ANYONE in this current disaster we are in.

  3. There are more scam artists taking our money in the name of politics, investing and religion than there are atheist teaching in our schools. (correction to previous comment)

  4. I was looking into investing with Kiley in late 2008. I did a google search .. “Pat Kiley fraud”. This lead me to a man named Bob Chapman who runs a newsletter,I think it’s called the “International Forecaster “.. Chapman was good enough to call me back personally on his dime to warn me about his misgivings regarding Kiley’s operation. Goes to prove there are good people out there. Will be forever grateful to Chapman.

  5. Bob Chapman has taken people for millions hes a pump and dump artist,

    In mid-January 2003, defendant Anthony Wile primed the market for Sedona and Renaissance shares by orchestrating touting by defendant Robert J. Chapman, a purportedly “independent” newsletter writer who secretly owned Renaissance shares, and other investment newsletter writers. Chapman issued at least one report touting the merger and telling the public that shares of Sedona, which had last traded at three cents per share, would open on January 21 at around $10 per share.