The ‘Festa Effect?’ Comments, Interactivity Stats Plunge As Cyberstalker Uses YouTube To Pillory PP Blog, Posters

Key statistics about reader interaction with the Blog have plunged dramatically during the past 30 days.

Comments posted by readers during the 30-day statistical snapshot have decreased markedly from 10.2 per day to 3.8 per day. Meanwhile, the number of words in comments has fallen more than 1,000 — from an average of 1,462 per thread to just 431.

festaeffectThe drop-off coincides with the holiday season, a period in which readers may have less time to interact with the Blog. It also coincides with a harassment campaign being conducted on YouTube against the Blog by the cyberstalker “unclefesta26.”

Some readers have expressed a reluctance to share their comments, citing concerns that “unclefesta26” would nuisance them on YouTube.

The 30-day snapshot suggests “unclefesta26” is contributing to a significant decay in reader interaction and having a chilling effect on speech. “unclefesta26” has dialed up his cyberstalking campaign against the Blog and some of its readers during the period.

In a new video today, “unclefesta26” heckled posters who congratulated the Blog for surpassing the 500-post milestone in the past year.

“Some of his posts are simple one- or two-liners,” unclefesta26 said about the Blog.

There are few — if any — one- or two-line posts on the Blog. The Blog has produced 380,258 words — enough to fill two or even three novels — between Dec. 18, 2008, and Dec. 18, 2009. The average post length during the 12-month period was 751 words, the typical length of a newspaper column.

During the past 30 days, the Blog has produced 38,396 words, an average of 738 words per post. Since December 18, 2008, the Blog has published 740,010 words from readers — almost three-quarters of a million words from the Blog’s audience.

All of the content on the Blog’s main page and in its archive is free. “unclefesta26,” who has been banned by multiple websites for chronic nuisancing and once used the handle “Hugh Jorgan” on one, has repeatedly railed against the Blog for publishing advertisements and offering a paid product for $27. A Family License that accommodates six users is available for $47.

The Blog averages 42.2 article-length posts per month — all free. Between the Blog and its readers, has published more than 1.12 million words in the past 12 months — all free.

In addition to researching, writing, reporting and providing a forum for readers, manages maintenance of the Blog. The Blog has received 17,480 spam communications since December 2008, while also receiving and reading thousands of legitimate communications from readers. Many of the communications from readers require return correspondence. has received numerous communications from readers whose lives have been affected by Ponzi schemes. The Blog has become an important resource to them.

“unclefesta26” was blocked from posting on the Blog in June 2009 for posing a chronic maintenance problem. He responded by pilloying the Blog on YouTube, sending the Blog a message to “Enjoy!” his work. In November, upon the Blog’s release of a paid information product, “unclefesta26” dialed up his YouTube attacks on the Blog, again sending links to his videos that skewer the Blog.

Also known as “Pistol” and “Pistol’sPal” — an identity he created after being blocked from posting here — “unclefesta” has been blocked from posting on at least three websites for disruptive behavior. He attempted to re-register at one site from which he was banned 12 times on a single day, according to the website manager.

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9 Responses to “The ‘Festa Effect?’ Comments, Interactivity Stats Plunge As Cyberstalker Uses YouTube To Pillory PP Blog, Posters”

  1. Patrick, I must admit that I have not been commenting much, but not because I could give a flying rat’s ass what UncleFesta thinks or says. Why he is so venomous and vociferous is debatable, I think he was abused as an adult.

  2. The whole HYIP ponzi and “autosurf” industries are also quiet ATM, for several reasons.

    1) As has been mentioned previously, “black December” as it’s known to HYIP players is notoriously the month in which a far greater than is “normal” number of HYIP and “autosurfs” bite the dust.
    “True believers” and newbies tend to let their money “rollover,” intending to withdraw in December to finance their Christmas spending, a fact which HYIP owners and “playas” know only too well. This invariably leads to HYIP owners disappearing with the money in far greater numbers during December.

    In fact, as we speak, one of the main ponzi player forums has a thread begun on Dec 5, warning members: “Black December has come”

    2) If history is any guide, the HYIP ponzi and “autosurf” scene will be relatively quiet for around 12 to 18 months until the post ASD dust settles and the “next big thing” is launched on a new crop of fresh marks.

  3. As many well know I am not afraid of the likes of UncleFesta or anyone who wants to try to use any sort of intimidation of any kind against me or my friends. Larry spent over $20,000.00 in his attempt to silence me and it has failed. Robert Lee Guenther has also attempted to silence me and he too has failed.

    UnclePeaBrain can also try whatever he thinks he can and just like the others he too will fail.

    I have been silent only because there has not really been much to talk about on the blog that I could add valuable info too. On the other hand should you want to post something concerning Robert Lee and his latest exploits of crime then I shall again be able to contribute to this blog.

  4. Patrick:
    I do read your column on a daily basis and I am sure that many others do likewise. Please keep up the good work. As far as troublemakers like ‘joe’ or ‘unclefesta’…we all know what they are. One has to wonder what they perceive as their role in life and what they intend to accomplish. I just ignore most people like this unless they do some harm. Referencing them in your column serves their purpose and not yours, I would imagine.

    Y’all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ya hear. (That’s the way we say it in Georgia)


  5. Hi Richard,

    Richard: As far as troublemakers like ‘joe’ or ‘unclefesta’…we all know what they are. One has to wonder what they perceive as their role in life and what they intend to accomplish. I just ignore most people like this unless they do some harm. Referencing them in your column serves their purpose and not yours, I would imagine.

    I do appreciate your take on this, and I’m aware that others share your view that the best thing to do is not to reference “unclefest26” and “joe.”

    And let me acknowledge that I struggled over this before deciding that the best course of action was to report on it.

    Their actions affect more people than just me. I have received correspondence from people who are genuinely distressed.

    I believe that ignoring it or letting it slide creates a slippery slope — one that encourages abuse and leads to the inevitable consequence of institutionalizing it and condoning it.

    If autosurf Ponzis can spread like wildfire, so can YouTube cyberstalking and hate sites.

    “unclefesta26” and “joe” have created problems that affect the operation of this Blog. Although they purport to be on opposite sides of the Ponzi issue — with festa detesting them and joe advocating for them — their actions lead to the same net result: a diversion of resources that already are strained.

    I want you to know, Richard, that I value your participation and your input.

    Thank you.


  6. Sorry Patrick,

    I am afraid that, in spite of the harm that Fester tries to do to people, I dont think he is worth even paying attention to. His Tube viewing figures are so abysmal that he can only be uploading them for his own viewing.

    Speaking as one of his featured victims (thank you, thank you, you’re a wonderful audience lol), I can only say that the economic crisis has affected my business far more than anything an anonymous internet writer with an agenda could do. His intents at damaging actions towards the health of anti scam blogs and forums takes away any credit for being an “anti scammer” himself. And frankly I think he should be ashamed of himself – but he probably isnt capable of an emotion like that, so we might as well let his little videos rot unviewed as they used to do in the past.

  7. Just adding my two cents here, but I see several issues causing this decline in postings and readership of late. First, not a lot of big news coming out about ASD, AVGA, BAS, AGW, or any of the other clones of ASD that have tried to gain traction since ASD went down. Then throw in people busy with Thanksgiving, and now preparing for Christmas, and they just don’t have the time to read or post as before.

    But I bet if on the 22nd there is no reply to Judge Collyer’s last ruling, and criminal charges are filed, readership and postings will go through the roof. Otherwise until the criminal charges are filed, and we learn who all was indicted, this forum will go absolutely nuts.

    Before I forget it again, I want to wish all you post here, and read here, a very Merry Christmas to my Christian friends, and to my Jewish friends I wish you a very Happy Chanukah. Blessings to you all.

  8. I have to admit I don’t post much lately because:

    1. I am busy with the holidays and other things.

    2. Not much is happening in those Ponzi’s I am familiar.

    I enjoy reading about other schemes and do take a look at them from time to time but don’t really have any comments to add.

    As for UF, I have no clue if he’s lampooned me on YouTube nor do I care. If PP is similar to other blogs and forums, 90% of people don’t post and there will certainly be people who are intimidated or disgusted by the likes of joe and UF.

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever applies.


  9. You give fecal waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much credit.