EDITORIAL: BizAdSplash, AdGateWorld, AdViewGlobal: Serial Promoters Should Be Prosecuted, ASD Members In Clone Ranks Should Be Excluded From Restitution Fund

ASD's Andy Bowdoin

If a thousand people tell you the autosurf they’re promoting is the “real deal” and that they’ve done their “due diligence” — they are lying.

If you believe them, you are setting yourself up to be fleeced and perhaps even dragged into court, perhaps as a reluctant victim or perhaps even as a defendant in a fraud case.

If you promote the surfs, email prospects, attach your referral URL to forum and web posts, set up forums to pimp these miserable businesses, accept commissions, provide strategic advice or an “earnings calculator” or spreadsheet, tell people to “call” you for details, maintain a list of surfs that are “working” and surfs that are not, defend the surfs in forums, repeat Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO) from the program owners and claim you had no ill intent when the surf failed because you were relying on the assertions of your upline sponsor or the program owner, well, you are asking for trouble.

The SEC told you that three years ago with the 12DailyPro prosecution and the follow-up prosecutions of Phoenix Surf and CEP.

And the U.S. Secret Service told you that almost 18 months ago with the prosecution of AdSurfDaily, Golden Panda Ad Builder and LaFuenteDinero. Moreover, the President of the United States and the Attorney General of the United States told you that last year with the creation of the Interagency Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force.

Plan to defend your surf participation on the grounds people are free to make up their own minds and that the government has no right to interfere with commerce? Congratulations. You’ve just provided aid and comfort to securities fraudsters, narcotics traffickers, drug dealers and people engaged in human trafficking.

That’s their argument, and that makes you their intellectual soulmate. It also was the argument for slavery in the 19th century and earlier. Society rejected the argument long ago. It was far too taxing on the intellect and the human soul to be assigned any continuing credibility. The poison you deliver through your Ponzi is at least the equal of the poison the man hiding in the shadows of the school yard wants to deliver to your child.

Selling a Ponzi? You are selling people into financial bondage. You might as well sell human beings to the highest bidder on Public Square: Ponzi = Slavery To Money Lost. That’s what you’re selling, and it consumes human souls.

Willful Blindness

Still an autosurf player? There you are, still ignoring information published in the open, still flailing, still pimping, still telling people this one is “different,” still pretending that the enterprises are wholesome or a “game” or a nontraditional investment, still persuading yourself daily that there is no way that any of the money gathered by these schemes could fall into the hands of people who’d sooner drop a bomb on your office than assign you or your family members and friends any worth as human beings.

Perhaps you’re even signing your emails with a “God Bless” or a religious reference. Maybe you’re even including a disclaimer of some sort, perhaps not recognizing that you’re setting the stage to be labeled an affinity fraudster in addition to being labeled a financial fraudster — and providing investigators the evidence of “consciousness of guilt” by all the ducking and weaving and dancing you’re doing in your bid to find words to insulate yourself from liability.

“God bless” makes you look like a crook in the context of autosurfs and HYIPs. The disclaimer makes you look like a common fraudster who’s made a cold calculation and arrived at the conclusion you’re smarter than the cops and the regulators.

You likely haven’t seen a disclaimer along these lines, but here is what the standard disclaimers mean — no matter how they’re dressed up, no matter how polite the language:

I am a common fraudster, but I’d like you to think I’m an “industry” expert and a thoughtful sponsor. Basically I’m a parrot: I repeat what the program owners tell me. Usually I’m better with words than they are, so I dress it up. I’m smart enough to know that no real due diligence is possible with these things. They don’t publish financials. They all use offshore payment processors. There is no real way to check on any financial claims. I got “paid” and others got “paid” is good enough for me. I’m willing to take the risk that the money generated by the surfs will be used for peaceful purposes, rather than building bombs.

Every autosurf (and HYIP) I’ve pitched has failed. Some of the operators are the subjects of criminal actions and lawsuits filed by the government and members of the surfs. Some of the participants had criminal records, had been arrested for felonies, had been charged civilly with securities fraud or had been sued for other wrongdoing. I didn’t bother to tell you these things because I didn’t really know and, besides, it was not my job to do the research. My job is to be willfully blind. My job is to show you what’s out there and let you make up your own mind — you being an adult and thus free to make your own choices. I just want your money.

Don’t come crying to me if the surf fails after you’ve signed up under me. I’m a victim, too, but I won’t whine about it. Too much risk of getting caught. Stick with me and we’ll become victims in one scheme after another. For now, I’ll make the most money because my list is bigger than yours and I run a forum and am an active participant in other forums. Follow my lead. Build your surf list. Start a forum — and you can be a victim just like me!

You are on thin ice for even participating in a surf. This ice becomes thinner yet if you make the decision to become a pimp. You could find yourself all alone — in need of an attorney.

Under The Microscope

Have you read any of our coverage of the alleged Trevor Cook/Pat Kiley Ponzi scheme in Minnesota? We have published a number of stories demonstrating that local communities are paying close attention to the Ponzi players in their midst. Neighbors and local cops are putting the alleged schemers under the microscope.

Cook was videotaped in a grocery store after the Ponzi allegations surfaced because a loss-prevention specialist thought he just might be using the store to deplete assets of the receivership estate. His wife also was videotaped. The 71-member police department in Eagan, Minn., contacted the receiver in the case to report Cook was using a credit card after his assets were frozen.

The general public and its representatives have connected the dots autosurf and HYIP promoters refuse to connect, let alone acknowledge: Ponzi = Pain, and Ponzi = Scrutiny — even by the local cops and grocers and retailers.

Trevor Cook now has been jailed for contempt of court. A federal judge has ordered him to turn over tens of millions of dollars investigators have traced to the alleged scheme. Jamie Solow was ordered to jail in Florida for trying to hide assets in the Cook Islands in another fraud scheme.

Still undecided on where you stand on the issue of autosurfs and HYIPs? Ask yourself if you want to be videotaped when you go into the store to buy a loaf of bread — or videotaped as you return to your car. Ask yourself if you want to be sitting in court watching a video produced by a camera that even captured the numbers on your license plate.

That’s how much regard society has for Ponzi schemers these days. If you get named in a Ponzi complaint, you’re going to be on TV, in the newspapers, on the radio, on the Internet. You’re even going to be on the video the store detective is shooting because he figures you’re up to no good.

And if you are promoting autosurf and HYIP schemes today, you are sticking out like a sore thumb. You may be putting your freedom at risk because you cannot say no to the money and continue to believe that, if there’s a hole, you can wiggle out of it with your command of language or by playing the victims’ card.

You are not a victim if you are continuing to promote autosurfs and HYIPs. You are a perpetrator.

‘Offshore’ Beacon Signals The Crime

Ever receive a pitch highlighting the advantages of an “offshore” surf or HYIP enterprise? The people who send you such pitches want you to think that “offshore” equals “safe.” You should regard such pitches as clear evidence you are being scammed by a criminal, one who is willing to lie to separate you from your money and perhaps even make you part of a court case.

The three so-called AdSurfDaily clones — BizAdSplash, AdGateWorld and AdViewGlobal — all have tanked. Each launched in the aftermath of the federal seizure of tens of millions of dollars from ASD. Each domain name for the clones was registered after the seizure. Each of the clones highlighted “offshore” locations. Promoters preached the gospel of having learned from ASD’s mistakes.

Like a bunch of Stepford children, ASD members lined up to promote the clones. The clones filled their “membership” rosters with ASD members looking for a way to retrieve their ASD losses.

Andy Bowdoin put some ASD members in desperate straits. All three of the clones traded off that misery, positioning themselves as cures for what ailed ASD, while they also benefited from Bowdoin’s antigovernment missives. He fanned the flames, told the troops that the U.S. Secret Service — the agency that guards the President and the Treasury — was comprised of Nazis and terrorists responsible for losses 30 times greater than the 9/11 losses.

We’re of the mind that very few true BAS, AGW and AVG victims exist. There is good reason to believe that most of the earliest members of the clones also belonged to ASD. Their participation in the clones speaks of a willful blindness — and also of a desire to enrich themselves by trading off the misery of those who would come later.

It is particularly galling — almost galling beyond measure — that some of the earliest members of the clones were complaining about “slow” refunds in the ASD case. They were perfectly willing to see themselves as ASD “victims” if it meant getting back a share of their money from restitution proceeds. At the same time, they were perfectly willing to rail against the members of law enforcement who stopped the ASD scheme from mushrooming — all while they were trying to help the clones mushroom to pocket commissions and make up for ASD losses.

Those positions are irreconcilable. They speak compellingly of egregious intent to defraud.

Looking for your BAS, AGW or AVG money? Good luck. It could be in the pocket of an insider or a serial promoter. It could be in any number of offshore banks or payment processors — or it could be hidden practically anywhere. The cash is not in plain view, to be sure.

We sincerely hope the investigators dug down deep into the filthy laboratories of these schemes — and just observed and observed and observed and interacted with the “players” undetected, using the intelligence they gathered to set the stage for a spectacular autosurf and HYIP takedown to come.

In the near term, members of BAS, AGW and AVG who also were members of ASD should be excluded from the proposed ASD restitution fund. The days of willful blindness and wink-nod need to come to an end.

Ponzi = Slavery To Money Lost.

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5 Responses to “EDITORIAL: BizAdSplash, AdGateWorld, AdViewGlobal: Serial Promoters Should Be Prosecuted, ASD Members In Clone Ranks Should Be Excluded From Restitution Fund”

  1. This was posted in a thread about scammer anthony morrison:


    I think it is all a bunch of bologna! There is no simple way to make money. The last time I made good money on the internet is when 12DailyPro.com was up and running. The only mistake the owner Charlotte Johnson made was not setting the whole thing up in Belize where she would of been untouchable by the US government. However, she wouldn’t of been able to keep up the pyramid scheme much longer than she had when she got busted.

    If you guys honestly think that you will make money by clicking ads or conning people into clicking yours then you are sadly mistaken. The days of driving fake traffic to the search engines and pulling the wool over Google’s eyes and all of the other PPC search engines is long gone. It seems if you can write a BS self help, make money book, and convince people into thinking you are a good guy by telling them they can make extra money but not actually get rich by using your BS program, then you might have your own infomercial someday and make a small fortune.

    Remember there is a sucker born every minute. Just make sure you aren’t one of them by buying into a “get rich” scheme.

    Last but not least, you guys building those phishing websites should be placed butt naked on top of a fence post, your nuts nailed to the top of the post, and then you should be pushed over backwards and left to die a slow death.

    I’m 40 years old and I have been on the internet ever since Al Gore invented it (LOL) and long before Google was ever here so trust me when I tell you to get up off your butt and get a job if you want to make money.

    Good luck to all of you.

    So here it is…..how many years after and they still all believe the lies.

  2. Excellent editorial, Patrick!

    “We sincerely hope the investigators dug down deep into the filthy laboratories of these schemes — and just observed and observed and observed and interacted with the “players” undetected, using the intelligence they gathered to set the stage for a spectacular autosurf and HYIP takedown to come.

    As you, I hope the list of the defendents of one or more criminal cases is long. Further, it would be beneficial to the public if at the end of the trials all types of media would report the facts, thereby perhaps truly educating and warning the public of the nature of these frauds, the intermingling of people and funds, and the implications of actions which occur during the running of the programs. It would surely take a series of compelling articles, postings, and airings and could earn the writers top awards if done well.

    The Madoff case was fairly covered until he went to jail; little has been written or aired since. Many people I spoke with felt the wealthy Americans were the ones stung by Madoff and therefore the type of fraud didn’t have meaning for them. I believe this case/these cases would show all Americans…indeed people of the world… that they are targets of such programs which will only end in disaster.

    I would nominate you, as I suspect you have multiple resources and contacts with other media professionals, to pitch the idea and perhaps write or produce the content!

  3. Marie: perhaps truly educating and warning the public of the nature of these frauds, the intermingling of people and funds, and the implications of actions which occur during the running of the programs.

    I wonder if educating the public would do any good. Lets take the ends of the spectrum:
    Madoff & his ponzi funds: Some of the victims were well educated and knew what a ponzi scheme was. Some even checked to see if the Madoff funds were a ponzi scheme and decided they were not. And so invested. Educating these people would be of no use, they already knew about ponzi schemes.

    GoldNuggetInvest: this is being promoted by well known ponzi promoters on well known ponzi forums. The vast majority of “investors” here know exactly what they are doing – they know it’s a ponzi scheme. Educating these people would be of no use, they already knew about ponzi schemes.

    The media attention may be of good use – highlight the ponzi promoters, the ponzi friendly payment processors, the ponzi friendly ponzi promotion forums that profit from the ponzi schemes, and the ponzi friendly web hosts.

  4. This is a great article. I am all for putting the ponzi promoters out in the public spot light. I hope this happens and i hope investigations are underway of the bigger pimps.

    How could this effect things like the asa ponzi forum? They have that feel good atmosphere to suck in people and have recently issued their disclaimer. The owner Wanrou, or so they say, has recently changed his tune just a bit and is not quite as scammer friendly as he used to be. That is on purpose I am certain but he and his cronies in that forum like Ken Russo still promote every ponzi and pyramid that comes down the pike.

    I would love to start hearing about scammers being on the front page of their local news papers. I think the media can be more effective than law enforcement. How can we get the media involved in this and get organized?

  5. flashlight: I think the media can be more effective than law enforcement.

    I’m not sure how many ponzi scams have been closed, or how many ponzi operators have been charged by “the media”, but naming and shaming may discourage some in the future.

    However, experience has shown that it may not. How would you like to see a well known ponzi operator and his wife in matching his ‘n her shiny bracelets?
    That’s Bryan & Sharon Marsden of PIPS fame. That picture was circulated on ponzi friendly forums, and yet the “industry” continues.

    flashlight: How can we get the media involved in this

    If the British tabloids are anything to go by, Jordan will need to get her Hislops out before they will take notice.