ASDMBA, Jaffa Partners Websites Offine; Registrations For Both Are Current

UPDATED 2:59 P.M.  ET (U.S.A.) Both sites discussed in story below are back up. . . .

Two websites associated with AdSurfDaily mainstay Bob Guenther are offline. The sites — and — both are returning this message:

“OOPS. This site is currently unavailable.” The message includes a prompt for ASDMBA and JaffaPartners to contact the hosting company.

Why the sites are offline is unclear. Both sites were operational yesterday. The registrations for both domains is current, with the ASDMBA site not set to expire until October 2010 and the JaffaPartners site good until December 2011.

Guenther was among more than 30 defendants sued earlier this month by shareholders of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment (CME), a company that makes computer games.

The defendants are accused in Maricopa County Court in Arizona of RICO violations for “participating in a scheme or artifice to defraud”; conversion of assets and refusing to return the assets with an “evil mind”; unjust enrichment for “failing to pay” or provide consideration for assets; and fraudulent transfer/conveyance.”

Guenther is on probation in Maricopa County, after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor count of harassment last year in a case that involved his conduct toward CME. He initially was charged with two felonies in the case. Records in the Arizona case point out that Guenther has a previous felony conviction.

He pleaded guilty in the 1990s to a felony count of bank fraud, according to federal records.

ASDMBA solicited contributions from members, saying the organization wanted to protect members’ interests in the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme litigation. Some ASDMBA members said they would not have given money to ASDMBA had they known of Guenther’s felony record. Others complained that Guenther did not provide an adequate accounting of how the money ASDMBA collected was spent.

Members said ASDMBA collected tens of thousands of dollars.

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18 Responses to “ASDMBA, Jaffa Partners Websites Offine; Registrations For Both Are Current”

  1. This is one of those things that makes one go, “Hmmm”. Wonder what he is up to? It’s a good thing some of us have copies…

  2. I called the number listed on both sites and it is the Billing Department for GODADDY. Seems Mr. Money Bags forgot to pay his hosting bills and they are now several hundred dollars past due.

  3. Once again Jack, you stick your foot in your mouth or should I say, your fingers in your mouth…. I have just called GODADDY billing department and asked them how they could discuss my account with you, of course I knew they didn’t, since you need a account number, billing code, and a security password to access any account information. At their request, I then forwarded them your comments regarding my purported “several hundred dollars past due”, they ask that I foward it to their compliance and legal department as well, which I did, includig all of yor contact information..

    The ASDMBA site is down because I didnt renew it, period. If you hosted anything other than your mouth, you would know you cant get behind on your payments with GoDaddy, they simply cut you off.

    There is a new ASDMBA members only site up, and as I have said on another “left wing blah blah” site, asd-biz, there are over 1000 members who have full access to the site, accessible with their own password and security code. Strange you bunch of internet brains havent found it.. It is also hosted by Go Daddy..

    As for the JaffaPartners site… What site?? I have never had a website up for JaffaPartners, so what could be down?? Patrick Pretty is as ill informed as you are..

    You clowns have a nice day…….

  4. Just so you internet folks with nothing else to do I had GoDaddy bring the old ASDMBA site back up.. I would look for the new though.. Of course none of you will be able to sign in, but good i will give you something to do this afternoon..

  5. RLG: As for the JaffaPartners site… What site?? I have never had a website up for JaffaPartners,

    Yes, you did. It has had a “Coming Soon” banner on it for ages. It was live yesterday because I checked it. It had the same banner that’s back in place now.


  6. RLG: The ASDMBA site is down because I didnt renew it, period.

    The registration on the ASDMBA site was renewed Oct. 29, 2009.


  7. RLG:

    Again you are wrong. Its not what you know but who. I have a number of sites with GoDaddy and all mine are paid in Full unlike you I do pay my bills.

  8. admin: Yes, you did. It has had a “Coming Soon” banner on it for ages. It was live yesterday because I checked it. It had the same banner that’s back in place now.Patrick  (Quote)

    That banner has been up since Day One, as all websites with GoDaddy have when you buy the premium hosting package, I have never had a active website for Jaffa Partners, period.. What is your point anyway. You could be using this time to expose a $100Million dollar fraud and Ponzi scheme at CME and MMOGULS..
    Opps forgot , you dont expose anything, you just post old news..

  9. Go jerk someone else off Jack.. You saiod I was hundreds of dollars behind, how would you know anything about my account.. Get off the bottle, get out of the trailer, get some fresh air,you arent making sense again..

  10. By the way Patrick… Your site was down for about 2 hours early this morning.. Did you forget to pay your bill, was it for service, or did you even know it??

  11. RLG (Really Little Guy) Jack said he called the number and it was GoDaddy billing. He said nothing about your account number or anything else related to it, just that he called the number, so you need to look before you open your pie hole. But then, you never do. For someone who claims to be a money bag, or is it a wind bag, you always seem to forget to pay things, like your judgment to Cadle. How does it feel to owe over a million dollars?

    Why can’t you just man up and admit you forgot to pay the hosting bill. Such a weak suck you are. The only reason anyone cares is because of all of your blathering, ranting and diffuse statements that are never proven. No wonder you have been banned on so many forums. Quit being a neophyte and learn to think before spew things from your orifices.

  12. RLG: What site?? I have never had a website up for JaffaPartners, so what could be down??

    You are getting senile, Bob. You have had a page up for Jaffa Partners for a while now. The graphic is called from the ASDMBA site, I saw the path in the web page properties. Like the ASDMBA site, it has been stagnant for a long time.

  13. RLG: By the way Patrick… Your site was down for about 2 hours early this morning..

    After your thread-spamming stunt here Saturday, I blocked you from nonmoderated posts. That’s why you don’t see your posts immediately.

    My stats show you tried to post at 1:07 a.m. ET today, and again at 1:37 a.m, 1:38 a.m., 1:39 a.m., 1:40 a.m., 1:42 a.m., 1:43 a.m., 2:13 a.m., 2:22 a.m. and 2:24 a.m.

    All of your posts went through and were placed in a queue, which I looked at when I woke up this morning. I approved the two that weren’t dupes.

    You will not be able to stifle this block by switching from “Bob Guenther” — the name on your 1:38 a.m. post to “RLG” — the name on your 1:39 a.m. (and subsequent) posts.

    Nor can you stifle the block by switching email addresses. The one you used as 1:38 a.m. was not the one you used at 1:39 a.m. and later.

    Testing the system, Bob? It’s not advisable.

    In case you’ve forgotten, you argued here Saturday that you had a right to post off-topic, basically because you’re Bob Guenther. You further argued that you were permitted to do this because I did not respond to emails you had sent. In other words, you were going to force your will on this Blog.

    That is the same kind of stuff that led to the criminal charges against you in Arizona.

    You can find my response to you Saturday here:

    No, you are not going to control this Blog with your frequent and repeated flying elbow. And you’re not going to dictate my schedule or determine what I publish and what I do not.

    Finally, it’s worth pointing out that the rant you sent here Saturday and directed at a thread that had nothing whatsoever to do with the information you sought to publish included a news release (between your beginning rant and your ending rant).

    That news release, which you described as “inside information” was a duplicate of a news release that was posted on the CME website Feb. 16.

    It was hardly “inside information.” In fact, it was available for all the world to see.

    What you did not say Saturday, when sharing your “inside information,” was that you were named a defendant in the lawsuit by CME shareholders — the same lawsuit referenced in the news release. I saw your name in the court docket, and I obtained a copy of the lawsuit yesterday after confirming you were a defendant.

    It’s funny that you didn’t mention that Saturday, when you were sharing “inside information.”


  14. Nice to see that Bob has been outed again. One would think he would have learned by now. Bob’s inside information is what got him named in the lawsuit. What a tool. Gives Texans, Republicans and Conservtives a bad name. If he thinks he has legal troubles now, just wait. It won’t be long until he finds out just what legal troubles really means.

  15. Poor little Napoleonic Bobbie. I can imagine him stomping his feet and whining like the petulant child that he truly is. “I will have my way, or else..” And yes, Lynn, his troubles are just beginning and he knows it. What irks him even more is he cannot remove his posts, ones that might get him into trouble, from an unnamed forum from which he is suspended.

    No more “I was hacked” stories, “I am Maria”, or his other poor attempts at make believe; no one believes them. And this coming from an “educated business man”. Heck, I rather deal with uneducated ones if this is the caliber of an “education” that has Little Bobbie as its exemplar.

  16. Don:

    RLG does not stand for Really Little Guy. Remember the lawsuit. It stands for


  17. Jack Arons: Don:RLG does not stand for Really Little Guy. Remember the lawsuit. It stands forREALLY LITTLE GIRL!  

    Oops, my mistake. I stand corrected. After all, the court docket lists him as
    “Robert Guenther, Defendant, Female, Pro Per”

  18. Patrick, if I wanted to “stifle” your block, I would simply grab my laptop that I have never signed on with, create another name, using another IP address and post what I want.. You are just another left wing mouth with your fingers.. You edit what you want, post what you want, which is all second hand news anyway and as long as someone does ruffle you now “shoort hair” you are fine..

    Ill get back to you one last time when I am dismissed from the CME lawsuit, “with prejudice”. Will you report it with the same enthusiasm as you reported my inclusion in the suit, probably not.

    Since you are the all knowing, all seeing Ponzi/Fraud reporter why havent you reported a thing on all the 1000’s of investors who are going to loose their millions invested in CME? Why haven’t you reproted that the bogus BK filed by Whiting has been tossed. You havent reported a thing, other than what I gave you and what you picked up in public records..

    WHY? because you couldnt report on a damn thing unless it was old news..

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