INetGlobal, AdPacs Websites Offline;, Associated Search Site, Has Limited Functionality

UPDATED 2:24 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) If you’re wanting to visit Steve Renner’s and sites, at the moment you’ll land on pages that say “InetGlobal is currently down for maintenance. We’ll to (sic) be back by 12:00pm CST.”

The message on and has been in place for at least three hours and, despite the fact the INetGlobal and AdPacs sites suggested they would be back up by noon Central Standard Time, that time has passed by more than an hour — and the sites still are down.

Why the Renner sites are down is unclear.

UPDATE 2:24 P.M. The message on the site now has been changed to read, “InetGlobal is currently down for maintenance. We’ll to (sic) be back by 12:00am CST on Saturday, March 13th.”

Another Renner site —, a search engine the U.S. Secret Service said last month was just a link to another search engine — appears to have limited functionality. It is possible to perform a search on the site and glean results, but several links on the site appear to have no functionality.

The links are titled Images, Videos, Maps, News and Shopping, and appear in the upper-left corner of the site. The links appear to be dead. At the same time, other links that appear on the site — links that point to other Renner sites such as and — are generating the “down for maintenance” message.

Another link on titled “Top Searches” resolves to a page that says, “Top searches as of Tuesday December 2nd 2008 00:00:00 CST.”

It was not immediately clear if the dead links at were caused by code that had been

Part of the maintenance message at INetGlobal and AdPacs.

removed to disable the links or code that had not been entered.

The error message at INetGlobal and AdPacs appears under INetGlobal’s logo, and a headline that reads, “Preparing for bigger waves!” Two men are pictured riding a wave on surf boards, and a subhead reads, “Surf Alert.” purports to include a “Get Paid To Search The Web” element through the search engine.

In a court affidavit last month, the U.S. Secret Service said Renner was at the head of an international Ponzi scheme.

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  1. Hm, maybe Russian Hackers have gotten to them?? It looks all too familiar to the sequence of events at ASD.

  2. About time you did some additional research and updated your story … don’t you think