Numerous Domains Linked To INetGlobal Entity Offline; V-Webs Domain And Sites That Use V-Web’s Nameserver Will Not Resolve

UPDATED 12:28 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Sites appear to be back up. They were offline for at least seven hours. Earlier story is below . . .

Widespread maintenance? Moving to a new server? Several domains linked to an entity associated with INetGlobal have gone offline in recent hours and will not resolve. Why the sites are offline was not immediately clear.

The extent of the outage also was unclear. Sites that use a nameserver known as appear to have been affected. V-Web’s own website will not resolve to a server, and sites at the same IP address in the Minneapolis area also will not resolve.

Attempts to “ping” the domains to determine if they were live resulted in this error message: “Destination host unreachable.”

It is not unusual for servers to have maintenance problems and for websites to go offline. What’s unusual about the current outage is that every URL at V-Webs itself appears to be offline, along with domains that use the nameserver. Customers affected by the outage may not be able to reach V-Webs through its website.

INetGlobal’s domain, meanwhile, is online. The site did not have a message that explained the outage at V-Webs, which it highlights as a service.

Among the domains affected by the outage is, a Blog that showcases its support for INetGlobal. Other sites affected by the outage include and, both of which are operated by Ken Haugen, who also operates the CheapClix site.

INetGlobal was implicated last month by the U.S. Secret Service in a Ponzi scheme. The company denied the allegations. A company known as V-Webs LLC was registered in 2004, but appears to be an inactive corporation, according to an affidavit filed by the Secret Service last month.

Haugen’s domains are not the only domains affected by the outage. Others affected include,, and, among others.

A site known as in the same IP cluster is producing the same error message when pinged, while also triggering a security warning in search results and the Firefox browser window: “This site may harm your computer.”

Pings to the IP address associated with V-Webs are timing out, meaning a Web browser cannot load the pages.

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7 Responses to “Numerous Domains Linked To INetGlobal Entity Offline; V-Webs Domain And Sites That Use V-Web’s Nameserver Will Not Resolve”

  1. Gee, I hope Renner is not having the same hosting problems as our Bob G, whose websites are also down. Perhaps they all were “busy” and forgot to pay the hosting bill? Sometimes, the house of cards is felled from within.Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  2. Yes, I noticed this when I turned on the computer this morning my time. I checked with (which is generally very reliable) and they were in fact offline. Without putting up confusing timezone differences (me in Europe / you in the USA) v-webs + the domains hosted by the site are down, at the moment of writing, since 8 hours minimum. That is a long time if it is only a maintenance or a simple server issue… SY

  3. Actually, domains can be down for up to 48 hours, especially if you are changing DNS servers as the changes take time to propagate to the other DNS servers and finally clients. That said, you should always be able to ping the IP address if the server (and firewalls, etc) allows echo requests to that box.

    Not that things won’t go down or get real flaky (the norm is this business) but if you can’t type in and have the site resolve, there could be more than a few issues besides having the site physically down or the hosting bill unpaid.

  4. V-Webs is back on line, so is Cheapclix. They seem to like tea.

  5. Now they seem to be down again, just happened, lets see how long the outage is this time, SY

  6. Ponzi schemes, fake investments by fake companies, etc. is not only money laundering, it is the creation and trading of counterfeit currency. Trusts created from the conversion of hard assets into fiat currency which may be lost is also counterfeiting.

    Tax fraud always accompanies fiat/counterfeit currency because unless offshore, or underground, it must flow through the tax system as legitimate.

    That makes the IRS and SEC party to any fraud scheme that uses its legitimacy to justify the existence of any ponzi scheme. Without legitimacy conferred by someone, usually the courts, the tax authorities, and the state, there is no method of their creation and trading.

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