Prosecutors Release Update To AdSurfDaily Victims, Say Restitution Program Could Be Delayed ‘A Year Or Longer’ Because Of Bowdoin’s Appeals

Andy Bowdoin

Fresh from their third win in the AdSurfDaily civil-forfeiture litigation, federal prosecutors now say a restitution program for victims of the autosurf Ponzi scheme could be delayed “a year or longer” depending on appeals filed by ASD President Andy Bowdoin.

In an update to ASD members on the government’s website for victims, prosecutors did not address an appeal brief filed Monday by Bowdoin that cites a grand-jury investigation and suggests at least two attorneys involved in the defense of ASD-related property were ordered by a federal judge to testify in a case filed under seal.

The target or targets of the grand-jury probe were not revealed, and the names of the attorneys who provided counsel and were called to testify were not disclosed in Bowdoin’s filing.

Through a statement posted on the victims’ website, prosecutors said U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer had issued three orders of forfeiture that stemmed from the filing of two forfeiture complaints against ASD-connected assets.

In July 2009, prosecutors said, Collyer issued a forfeiture order of more than $14 million against assets tied to Golden Panda Ad Builder. Golden Panda’s assets were targeted in an August 2008 complaint that also targeted the lion’s share of ASD’s assets.

Collyer issued a second forfeiture order in January 2010. This one covered a lakefront home and more than $65 million seized from Bowdoin’s 10 bank accounts in the August 2008 complaint.

Last week, Collyer signed the third forfeiture order in the case. Last week’s order covered more than $634,000 surrendered by Golden Panda in a second case brought against ASD-connected assets in December 2008. The order also covered additional ASD-connected real estate (a building purchased with $800,000 cash and a home whose $157,000 mortgage was retired with ASD-connected cash) seized in the same complaint, along with a 2009 Lincoln automobile;  a 2009 Acura automobile; a 2008 Honda automobile; a 2008 cabana boat (20-foot); a 2008 Mercury speed motor; a 2008 boat trailer; two 2007 Bombardier jet skis; and computers and related equipment.

Some ASD members derided the boat and jet skis as “water toys” after claims were made that the equipment was purchased to enable members who visited Bowdoin at the lakefront home in Quincy, Fla., to enjoy themselves.

One of the properties Collyer ordered forfeited last week belonged to George and Judy Harris. George Harris is Bowdoin’s stepson. Prosecutors said more than $157,000 in ASD-connected money was used to retire the mortgage on the Harris home.

The transaction that led to the retirement of the mortgage occurred within 11 days of the conclusion of a May 31, 2008, ASD “rally” in Las Vegas at which Bowdoin invoked God, saying he was pleased that God had made him a “money magnet.”

The U.S. Secret Service seized the bulk of Bowdoin’s immediately traceable assets two months after the Las Vegas rally concluded. The probe that led to the seizure began in the opening days of July 2008, a period during which Bowdoin was threatening to sue ASD critics while also collecting huge sums of money at “rallies” held in other cities, including Miami.

ASD members said some attendees showed up at the rallies with piles of cash and cashier’s checks.

Some ASD members joined Bowdoin in the threats to sue ASD’s detractors. One ASD member later said he imagined that the theme song from the television program “COPS” would be playing to herald Bowdoin’s court wins.

“WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN ASD’S ATTORNEYS COME FOR YOU?” the ASD supporter chimed in all-caps on a Pro-ASD forum known as the Ad Surf Zone. “I think we should start collecting ALL the negative types in here so we can FORWARD their posts to the ASD Attorney’s Office after they WIN our case against the U.S. Att Gen!”

As a show of confidence in the strength of Bowdoin’s case and to rattle forum critics, the 76-word post included 14 exclamation points or question marks — an average of one every 5.4 words.

Three final orders of forfeiture now have been issued.

“An appeal from these rulings might affect how fast any of the forfeited funds can be released to fraud victims, which could take a year or longer,” prosecutors said in their update to ASD victims.

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  1. We are all awaiting the day when Andy goes to jail…

  2. In my mind, Andy already is in jail.

    He’s rooming with a 375 pound gangsta from the south-side named Pookie. Pookie is a chain smoker and never takes a shower or brushes his teeth/uses mouthwash.

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    Yup, ole Andy is in jail already, folks.
    He knows the day is coming when his dread will be a reality.
    That’s what you get for hiring Juan-MoTime as your CEO, jackass.