OBTAINED: Feds’ Affidavit In Nick Smirnow/P2P Case; Full Story To Follow

The PP Blog has obtained an affidavit filed by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in the Nicholas A. Smirnow/Pathway To Prosperity (P2P) case. Smirnow was charged criminally Friday with operating an international Ponzi scheme that fleeced more than 40,000 investors.

Smirnow, according to investigators, has:

A. A 2002 conviction for the crime of breaking and entering.
B. A 2001 conviction for the crime of robbery with a firearm.
C. A 1996 conviction for the crime of cultivation of a narcotic for purpose of
D. A 1981 conviction for the crime of possession of stolen property.
E. A 1979 conviction for the crime of trafficking in a controlled drug.

Smirnow “admitted having gone to prison for robbery and characterized his involvement in that crime as being ‘the wheel man,'” according to the affidavit, which is based in part on statements made by Canadian authorities. “Smirnow also admitted involvement in a double homicide in the Hamilton Niagara area of Ontario. He also claimed to have organized crime ties there.”

Additional details from the affidavit will follow in a separate story this evening (U.S.A, EDT) . . .

12:33 A.M. June 1. 2010. See follow-up story.

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5 Responses to “OBTAINED: Feds’ Affidavit In Nick Smirnow/P2P Case; Full Story To Follow”

  1. 20,000 investors put money into Vlane and GMS and have not received their money as of yet for over 2 years. Mara Greenway from FL. And. Mrs Vee Fuerhoff from West VA claim they sold the company while millions of bucks are stashed away. Who do we contact for this ponzi skeme?


  2. Nick Smirnow now has found a way to charge AT&T customers 14.95 on your phone bill….listed as Pathway 2 Profits. Help stop this scammer!!!


  3. Yes Mrs Vee is the scammer from west VA who worked for asamonitor.com. She scamed millions When promoting scam ponzi sites. She partnered with Bob Krimm and the soon opened her own scam with Mara Greenway who spent everyones money flying her fat ass around the globe acting like she can invest while she lost and spent all the money.. Mara lives in Florida. Marco Island with Gary Greenway in her one room town home.


  4. We invested, and made some money with him, but the reason was, he was using other people’s money to pay others. But I invited friends and family and
    the lose money. So who is getting this man in prison?
    We would like to see him inside a cage where we belongs.
    Any news about this man?
    Thank you


  5. Smirnows’ current whereabouts remain unknown, with last reports placing him in the Phillippines


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