NOTE TO READERS: Strange Behavior Of PP Site . . .

Dear Readers,

Late yesterday (June 11, 2010), the Blog began redirecting improperly to another website.

This event coincided with the migration of the PP site by its hosting company to a new platform.

Some data appears to have been lost as a result of the migration. The site still is not behaving properly, although the problem with the errant redirect appears to have been solved.

At the moment, data between June 2 and June 11 appears to have gone missing. Meanwhile, the Contact Form for the site is not working. There may be other problems I have not noticed yet.

I am not sure when these problems will be fixed.

These events have been reported to the hosting company. It is my sincere hope the problems will be fixed soon, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


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6 Responses to “NOTE TO READERS: Strange Behavior Of PP Site . . .”

  1. test.


  2. Hi Patrick,

    I noticed the redirection as well. I hope they have backups to restore the missing data….as they should.


  3. Hi d_b,

    There is a back-up. For very brief periods of time last night — after the migration — the domain behaved properly.

    Late last night, the redirection problem started all over again. My guess is that it lasted throughout the night because it was still redirecting improperly this morning.

    All the data was intact during the short periods the domain was behaving properly.

    I’m advised that it may take up to 48 hours to fix this problem. I hope it does not take that long, of course. I very likely will not add any new content until the problem is fixed.

    What’s in place now is a temporary fix that has solved the redirection problem, but not the problem with the Contact Form not working and the database problem beyond June 2.



  4. Hang on in there. The best blog on the net will be back with avengence. lol

  5. alasycia: Hang on in there. The best blog on the net will be back with avengence. lol  (Quote)

    Surf’s UP is coming back?

    Sorry I couldn’t resist.

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