Affiliate Links Show That Surf’s Up Mod And ASD Members Hold High Positions In Upstart Surf: Things To Consider If You Are Tempted To Join AdPayDaily

As noted earlier, APD also uses its website to deny that it’s a Ponzi scheme. “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” the company says in all-caps on the FAQ’s section of its site. It then explains it’s not a Ponzi scheme because “Ad Pay Daily pays the daily Viewing Payments from 50% of our daily advertising sales and it’s never guaranteed. We are not offering an investment, a return on investment or any type of investment opportunity. This is not a security offering or a get rich quick scheme.”

That’s an awful lot of denying — and the denials are backed by a PowerPoint presentation that also denies APD is a Ponzi scheme.

Prospects should ask themselves if they feel comfortable involving themselves in a program that offers multiple preemptive denials that it is a Ponzi scheme. They also should question why the emphasis on APD’s WordPress Blog is to motivate members to recruit people willing to plunk down $300.

AdViewGlobal started off by trying to get $360 out of people. Before long, its bonus program overwhelmed the system. Bonus programs also may suggest a program is starved for cash.

APD also says there is a “minimum 1st purchase for Advertisers” of $100 and a mandatory “maintenance fee” of $30 a month after Aug. 1 — unless reps “[s]ell and keep three active Advertisers,” in which case “the $30 monthly fee is waived.”

The suggestion, of course, is that reps can avoid the $30 fee by recruiting and maintaining a minimum stable of three advertisers. It’s all theoretical, of course, because Aug. 1 — which just happens to be the two-year anniversary of the ASD action — is still weeks away.

Meanwhile, as it accents a way to avoid a “maintenance fee,” APD is saying virtually nothing about the quality of its advertising. No part of APD’s landing page and FAQs section seeks to sell the quality of the advertising. The emphasis is almost exclusively on making money. That was a problem with ASD. It introduces an element of wink-nod, suggesting APD is just an excuse for an advertising company and is far more interested in something else.

At the moment, this disclaimer appears in tiny print at the bottom of APD’s website:

“Terminology and explanations are subject to change without notice once our legal counsel has reviewed all text.”

APD thus appears to be acknowledging that its lawyer has not vetted everything and that it might need to find better words on a date uncertain. That’s just plain strange — but par for the course in the tweak-heavy, bizarre world of the autosurf.

So, APD is at once playing up the money-making end, saying virtually nothing about the quality of its advertising, but assuring prospects that it has a lawyer.  The message is hard to reconcile and hardly inspires confidence.

At the same time, APD’s main landing page might put the company in the position of poaching recruits from promoters.

The landing page prompts visitors to “contact the person who sent you to our website” or go to a specific URL “for more information.” The URL resolves to a page that collects names, email addresses and phone numbers while asserting people who provide their information can “Earn Big Money for Every Advertiser You Sign Up.”

Even the landing pages of APD affiliates include the reference to the specific URL “for more information.” This potentially puts affiliates in the position of losing sign-ups and begs the question, “Why are prospects being shown another URL “for more information” and why isn’t all the information prospects need on the landing page?”

And, of course, why do both the landing page and the “more information” page deemphasize advertising and play up money-making?

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  1. Their “business” address (according to the website) is 11184 Antioch Road, #323, Overland Park, Kansas. There are numerous alleged businesses at that address, but 3 strike a chord – 2 are virtual offices, but I would vote for the third – The UPS Store. The “323” in their address is probably the drop box by that number. Nothing but the best accommodations for the staff of this autosurf, huh?


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