Affiliate Links Show That Surf’s Up Mod And ASD Members Hold High Positions In Upstart Surf: Things To Consider If You Are Tempted To Join AdPayDaily

MLM can be an extremely tawdry world. The multiple Ponzi denials on APDs website alone will be read by many people as a reason to steer clear of the “program.” ASD also used preemptive denials. Such denials are common in fraud schemes.

APD has been accused of no wrongdoing. On its website, it is citing the name of attorney Gerald Nehra, without quoting Nehra — and it’s doing it from behind a domain proxy. It is using a free WordPress Blog to supplement its sales pitch, and making claims very similar to claims made by ASD, AVG, BAS and AGW.

Although it puts a Ponzi denial directly in the face of visitors, it does not describe the miserable history of the autosurf “industry.” Its pitch seems to be targeted at people who already understand that history and will make an instant connection to failed surfs.

If history is a reliable guide, prospects who know little or nothing about autosurf history may be tempted to view APD as a way to make money and gain exposure for their businesses. They are at great risk of not getting the eyeballs of people interested in buying their products trained on their ads and also being sucked into a subculture that historically has destroyed wealth and drawn the attention of agencies such as the SEC and U.S. Secret Service.

The preemptive denial that APD is a Ponzi scheme is reason enough alone to pass on APD. Any company that tries to attract prospects by denying it is a fraud should be avoided.

No legitimate company that sells advertising has to deny it is a Ponzi scheme.

If you’re on the fence, imagine Walmart or Sears or Target or Google or the New York Times trying to attract business by assuring prospects that one of the best reasons to do business with them is that they have good lawyers and aren’t Ponzi schemes.

If you’re still on the fence, consider that APD uses an advertising slogan of “Nothing Ventured. Nothing Gained” to promote an advertising business.

If all else fails, picture the mischievous grin of Alfred E. Neuman. Even he would be worried about this one.

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  1. Their “business” address (according to the website) is 11184 Antioch Road, #323, Overland Park, Kansas. There are numerous alleged businesses at that address, but 3 strike a chord – 2 are virtual offices, but I would vote for the third – The UPS Store. The “323” in their address is probably the drop box by that number. Nothing but the best accommodations for the staff of this autosurf, huh?


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