EDITORIAL: Grab Your Umbrella And Air Freshener: Data Network Affiliates’ Vomit Spigot Wide Open And Raining Down On World Of MLM

Looking at it another way, DNA vomited on its data-gathering audience. It then tried to un-vomit, something that not even the tobacco executives tried to do. They all stuck with their vomitous stories, ridiculous though they were.

DNA then declared “GAME OVER — WE WIN” — more or less only days after entering the cell-phone business, thus again vomiting on its members. Not to be outdone, DNA later tried to un-vomit that message, too. Its message to un-announce (read: un-vomit) its message that it was the greatest, cheapest cell-phone company under God’s sunny skies became a leading candidate for the All-Time MLM Hall of Shame.

You see, DNA explained that its inability to deliver a $10 unlimited plan with a free phone was not its fault, that the company had relied on the assertions of a third-party. DNA explained that it discovered only later that the pricing scheme it had announced in its “GAME OVER” email only days earlier was impossible.

Incredibly, DNA announced that it had studied cell-phone pricing only AFTER announcing its $10 deal with the free phone. After the cell-phone plan blew up, DNA began to describe the mobile business as a business for chumps. Never mind that it earlier had described itself as the top player in the business it later described as an outlet for chumps.

Vomit. Vomit. Vomit.

Here are choice chunks of DNA vomit a member sent us yesterday (italics added):

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