MYSTERIOUS: WebsiteTester.Biz Getting Stranger By The Moment; Apparent Parent Company Of Website Now Advertising ‘Job’ Opportunities

Alpha Market Research, the apparent, Nevada-based parent company of a website known as, now is advertising “job” openings  on its Twitter site.

The domain ownership of both Alpha Market and Website Tester is hidden behind a proxy, and both sites appear to be hosted on the same server. Alpha Market has been issuing news releases on, a free PR site, for weeks.

A Twitter site bearing Alpha Market’s name began to promote “Amazing new job opportunities” today.

“We are looking for Country Managers and Affiliate Management Consultants,” the Twitter site claimed.

A link from the Twitter site encourages visitors to “Apply now!” Some of the information presented includes fractured and overblown syntax that suggests the words were written by an individual or individuals who speak English as a second language or a native speaker of English who favors flowery, overbearing prose and does not have command of the language.

Website Tester has been promoted on Ponzi boards such as Talk Gold, ASA Monitor, MoneyMakerGroup and the Online Success Zone. The search-engine penetration of the purported “opportunity” is nothing short of remarkable.

Here is a snippet from the Alpha Market website (italics added):

“Today, the clarity, the functionality and a fast and simple navigation decide if a company is successful on the internet. Providers without the right ‘internet tools’ have visibly less success even though their products/services might be identical to their successful competitior.

“Therefore the internet user is placed at a crucial position; he alone decides if a website can succeed or fail on the market.

“For that reason, Alpha Market Research (AMR) offers from September 2010 and on, a very special service: Thousands of neutral users are going to test (in a few days) the web site of a company and assure, through their feedback, that the internet presence can be optimized where necessary, before expensive publicity adjustments are made in vain.”

Visitors are encouraged to “Apply now!

“To be able to cope with all the orders from companies in timely manner AMR is looking for people, who want to work part time as website testers. There is no previous knowledge necessary; the workload is between 1 and 10 hours per week, depending on to how many fields of interest the applicant has inscribed,” the company says.

Job openings are listed for “Website Tester,” along with “Country Manager / State Manager and “Affiliate Management Consultant.”

For the position of Website tester, Alpha Market says this (italics added to snippet):

“The position as a website tester is perfect for any person over the age of 16 who uses the internet from time to time.

“Your job is to go to the websites of our clients and to fill out a short survey about that website. The compensation for this position is determined by the quality and quantity of your completed surveys. You are paid in money and/or vouchers that are in the range of $15 – $25 US/hr.”

For the position of Country Manager / State Manager, Alpha Market says this (italics added to snippet):

“As a Country or State Manager, your job would be to respond to all company inquiries in your country/state and to cultivate new business wherever possible in your territory.

“In addition, it would be your responsibility to screen the actual website test very carefully, to insure that the use of words/phrases/text blocks/etc. ‘make sense’ in your native language so that all the chosen website testers can easily understand and read the instructions/the survey questions/etc., and complete their job quickly and easily.”

Meanwhile, for the position of “Affiliate Management Consultant,” Alpha Market says this (italics added to snippet):

“We are also creating an Affiliate Marketing Program for our company clients and as an Affiliate Management Consultant, your clients will be the companies that want to increase their business. You will show them how we can help them acquire more customers as we offer our website testers an additional source of income by promoting their products/services on a commission basis.

“We will need a very select group (maybe 50 – 100 worldwide) of Affiliate Management Consultants.”

See earlier story.

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7 Responses to “MYSTERIOUS: WebsiteTester.Biz Getting Stranger By The Moment; Apparent Parent Company Of Website Now Advertising ‘Job’ Opportunities”

  1. Patrick, I’m thinking of applying for a position. I know how to consult; you just make up stuff as you go, right??

  2. Don: Patrick, I’m thinking of applying for a position. I know how to consult; you just make up stuff as you go, right??

    Hi Don,

    Some of the upline scammers in CSI/Narc/DNA might be able to provide you a few tips about applying for a “job” or a “position.” Both companies’ names were used prominently on Craigslist, with promoters positioning the bizops as jobs or positions.

    Some people in the MLM universe never learn — not even when the FTC hammers them for misrepresenting purported work-at-home scams as “jobs” and for recruiting people into scams:


  3. […] against the backdrop of “prelaunch” buzz surrounding a mysterious program known as, which is spreading virally on the Internet through electronic news releases, references on […]

  4. Website Tester bizz have started showing perfect signs of a complete fraud / scam.
    1. Their webpage is not loading at all.
    2. Such a big biz is on a poor server & unable to handle traffic.
    3. Website have no corporate touch it looks like childs play.
    4. Delaying tactics and now excuses for high traffic.
    5. No payments at all.

  5. Sounds like a typical ponzi masquerading as a business – and who said it was a big business? You can do what they do from a computer in your bedroom and a couple of telephones. There is no real business, it is just HYPE

  6. Biggest Hoax of 2010. I had over 300,000 join after me, then they switched Websites. I can’t login to the new site, there are no support links, and the Link to Twitter conveniently disappeared. I’ve made numerous support requests to this company and received Zero Responses. they have my email address, why are they not updating members that way? Just another Scam, Hoax, or Fraud.
    AMR stands for “A Major Ripoff”

  7. Disgruntled: and the Link to Twitter conveniently disappeared.

    Hello Disgruntled,

    I noticed the missing Twitter links — just haven’t had a chance to write about it yet.

    Gone with the Twitter links, I believe, were links to the faceless YouTube video and the news release written by an unknown author that served as purported proof of WebsiteTester’s legitimacy.

    I’ve seen some grumbling on the Ponzi boards about developments.

    A number of things concerned me about this one — perhaps principally its rapid virality on the Ponzi boards and elsewhere, fueled by folks who claimed there was no downside because it was “free.”

    At the moment, the downside seems to be that SOMEONE now has a list of 400,000 names and perhaps other info associated with the names. A poster by the name of “Mike DeBias” of Las Vegas is listed as having provided a testimonial on the site of an MPB Today promoter.

    That’s troubling, because Michael A. DeBias is listed as the head man of AMR, the Las Vegas-based, purported parent company of WebsiteTester.

    This one “took” off even after FINRA issued its warning about online fraud and how it can spread via forums and social-media sites.