COMING SOON: Author Of The ‘Salty Droid’ Blog Responds To Menacing Comment Made By Internet Marketer; ‘Shotgun’ Remark On Warrior Forum Seen As ‘Dangerous And Violent’

Many of our readers know that the PP Blog has been subjected to threats, menacing behavior and cyberstalking. Later tonight, we’ll publish an editorial on a highly disturbing incident that occurred last week at the Warrior Forum (WF).

The Salty Droid, a Blog that unapologetically skewers highly questionable Internet Marketing practices and some of the trade’s most visible figures, was made the subject of a death wish Aug. 17 at the WF.  The PP Blog strongly condemns the event at the WF, the actions of the Internet Marketer who made the incendiary comment and attempts to chill by force of threat reporters and Bloggers who cover IM-related issues.

Suggesting a critic should be killed with a shotgun to silence his voice  is thuggery — plain and simple. It should not be tolerated. Period.

Our editorial will include comments from The Salty Droid author.

“They threaten with me with all sorts of horrible atrocities,” he said about some Internet marketers, observing that the trade has “crazily loyal sycophants/cult followers.”

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2 Responses to “COMING SOON: Author Of The ‘Salty Droid’ Blog Responds To Menacing Comment Made By Internet Marketer; ‘Shotgun’ Remark On Warrior Forum Seen As ‘Dangerous And Violent’”

  1. I think they would be subject to being charged with cyberstalking. Alice Broussard Latula was charged with cyberstalking back in April from comments she made on Facebook. I see no reason why the same could not be done in this case if reported to the proper authorities.


  2. Anyone who has followed the “scene” for more than five minutes won’t be in the least surprised at the threats being made.

    When amounts in excess of $100 million PLUS dollars are involved, we are talking organized crime of the highest order and not just about a few “good ol’ boys” having a quiet flutter on some gambling “game”

    Conservative estimates put the amount of money which passed through the accounts of AdSurf Daily at in excess of USD $300 MILLION during its’ thankfully brief life, and ASD was “only” a mid level scam in the scheme of things.

    $300 million is probably more than the GDP of more than one third world nation and people are regularly killed for far smaller amounts, yet the fraud has hardly raised a ripple of interest among the mainstream media and/or the general population.

    IM(very)HO, this is serious business.

    The only surprise is that there aren’t way more threats and/or actual violence.


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