Affiliate Promo Says MPB Today Website Fee Will Increase From $10 To $39 Oct. 1; Another Promo Claims ‘It Doesn’t Matter How’ The Program Works

An upline promo for MPB Today says the company soon will raise the cost to join from $210 to $239, an increase of $29. The purported increase applies to the MPB Today fee for a replicated website, which the affiliate says will increase from $10 annually to $39.

Will a new price increase that ups a website fee from $10 to $39 cause scores of MPB Today affiliates to change their promos to reflect the price change?

Or will the MPB Today affiliates behave like some promoters of Data Network Affiliates (DNA) and just leave old information in videos and on websites and Blog posts to recruit customers based on false information?

An affiliate video for MPB Today claims the price increase will occur Oct. 1.

“So, in order to get started with MPB Today, the first thing you’ll need to do is pay $239,” the promoter claimed in a YouTube video. “Now, the $39 is an annual fee, and that gives you a replicated website with the company.

“Some of you might be confused, because that was previously only $10,” the promoter continued. “But, as of Oct. 1, 2010, it will now be $39.”

MPB Today operates a 2×2 cycler matrix. If incoming prospects soon will have to pay more than original members to join the company, it sets the stage for them to lose more should the program collapse. One analysis of MPB Today’s mathematics shows that 86 percent of the MLM’s members were in position to lose money before the advertised price hike. Incoming members will be among the 86 percent, but stand to lose more because they paid more.

Some promoters have said MPB Today also is tweaking its program to pay out bonuses. In myriad online scams, program tweaks have signaled trouble or an effort by a company to come into compliance after the fact.

In early April, DNA announced a cell-phone plan that would provide customers a free phone and unlimited talk and text for $10 a month. “GAME OVER — WE WIN,” the MLM firm declared in all-caps. Members flocked to the web to promote the offer to prospects.

By the end of April, however, DNA, which has a reputation for bizarre sales pitches, announced it had not studied cell-phone pricing before publicly announcing unlimited service for $10 a month with a free phone. It blamed a vendor for making it believe such a plan was possible, an acknowledgment it had not vetted its purported supplier before instructing members to sell a service.

There would be no free phones and unlimited service for $10 a month, the company said. It then announced a May debut for a new cell-phone plan, later changing the debut date to June.  No plan has emerged. By July, however, DNA was claiming that churches have the “MORAL OBLIGATION” to help it sell a new mortgage-reduction service that purportedly pays downline commissions 10 levels deep.

Even after DNA unannounced its “GAME OVER” declaration and the cell-phone plan, affiliates continued to promote the nonexistent plan. At the same time, images of Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and Apple Inc. continued to appear in DNA promos, despite the fact there is no evidence to support suggestions that the business titans and the Steve Jobs-led technology giant have any ties to the firm.

MPB Today and affiliates also beamed images of Trump from the homepages of their  websites, along with an image of Warren Buffet and a Walmart store. The company removed the images from its homepage earlier this month. Affiliates continue to display images of Trump, Buffet and Walmart.

Separately, an MPB Today affiliate who appears to belong to the same downline group that announced the price increase is claiming that “It Doesn’t Matter How it Works[:] It just does.”

Why the promoter apparently believes that it “does not matter” how a company that claims a $200, one-time purchase can result in free groceries for life “works” was not immediately clear.

A short video that makes the claim spells the word “whether” without a leading “h,” and the word “jobs” as though it were a possessive. Among the claims in the promo is that MPB Today works whether prospects “need $500 a month or every day.”

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3 Responses to “Affiliate Promo Says MPB Today Website Fee Will Increase From $10 To $39 Oct. 1; Another Promo Claims ‘It Doesn’t Matter How’ The Program Works”

  1. Patrick

    Thanks for what you do here. I have some friends who have ‘drank the koolaid’ regarding MPB, and are trying to get my wife and I to join up and GET FREE GROCERIES FOR LIFE!! (HA!) I knew it was 100% phony from the get-go by follwing common sense principles that my parents instilled in me by the time I was 8, but needed some cold data to make the case to my friends in case they didn’t want to take no for an answer. Although most of the google results consist of MPB affiliate promos posing as reviews of the program, etc., I was pleased to find your blog. You do an excellent job of shedding light on the true inner workings of programs like this, and I commend you for it.

  2. There’s a MPB video posted today, titled “FOOD FOR THOUGHT INITIATIVE”. I believe it’s produced by the same person as one of the cheque waving videos that Patrick has reported on. During this video it clams that “MPB Today is structured so that it is fair to everyone”. I’m not sure how it is “fair to everyone” when only 14% will “win”, I’m not sure if that is made clear in the video either.

    The person who produced the video is associated with a web site that appears to be specifically targeting MPB Today at the black community.


    At A Subscription Cost Of ONLY $27 Per Month!!

    This to me is affinity fraud.

  3. Wait.. if I was black I’d only have to put in $27, but if not I have to pay $39?? I’m confused here. Oh.. I get it.. it’s fraud either way.