EDITORIAL: Script For MPB Today Promo Used The Word ‘Monkeys’ In Context Of Obama Presidency; Research Suggests At Least Two Versions Of Script Existed; One Painted Obamas As Welfare Recipients Aspiring To Eat Dog Food And Table Scraps Left By Family Pet

EDITOR’S NOTE: The PP Blog previously wrote about a promo by an MPB Today affiliate that sought to recruit prospects by depicting President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as Nazis. The PP Blog is reporting today that at least two versions of the affiliate’s anti-Obama script appear to have existed, including one that used the word “monkeys” in the context of the Obama presidency. It is possible that the second script was actually a work-in-progress that was edited over time and later resulted in the publication of a single video, and was not a script unto itself.

PHOTO CREDIT: United Nations, U.S. Department of State, Oct. 26, 2010: Secretary Clinton addresses a meeting of the UN Security Council marking the 10th anniversary of landmark Council resolution 1325 on women in peace and security.

Before the PP Blog was knocked offline Saturday by a DDoS attack that delivered more than 6.1 million hits in a compressed time frame, the Blog was continuing its research into several stories. One of them involved a bizarre political attack on President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The attack came in the form of an animated sales promo for the purported MPB Today “grocery” program. We earlier published frames from the video, which was taken offline last month after the Blog wrote about it.

Research now suggests there were at least two scripts for the promo or a single script that was  a work-in-progress that resulted in a finished video.

At least one finished video was published on GoAnimate.com, a video service. The video depicted Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as Nazis, with Obama as a left-handed-saluting Nazi who cowered to Clinton, and Clinton as a drunken, whining Nazi who knocked out Michelle Obama after barging into the Oval Office. The phrase “Brown-noser” was used in this video which, incredibly, was a sales pitch designed to recruit MPB Today members.

“Brown-noser,” of course, is a loaded phrase — not that depicting the President as a cowering Nazi, the First Lady as an embarrassment to the nation and the Secretary of State as the Nazi-In-Chief is any less objectionable.

MPB Today affiliates routinely mention Walmart in their promos. Perhaps it was lost on the author of the anti-Obama screed that Clinton, a former First Lady and formerly a duly elected member of the U.S. Senate — the same body from which Obama emerged — was the first woman ever appointed to Walmart’s board of directors. Her appointment occurred in 1986, nearly a quarter of a century ago. Clinton no longer serves on Walmart’s board.

Hillary Clinton also was a serious contender for the Presidency of the United States. She is held in high regard by tens of millions of Americans, including Americans who disagree with her political philosophy. Clinton is only the second woman ever to serve as U.S. Secretary of State. Only two Republicans cast votes against Clinton’s nomination as Secretary; the overall vote in January 2009 was 94-2.

Although it is unclear if the second script resulted in a finished video that later was removed, the script is published online and is available in Google search results. If anything, it is even more objectionable than the script that resulted in the published video.

Here is the script, as published on Google. (Italics and carriage returns added):


SCENE1: michelle_obama O’ Barry Baby, since we’ve joined MPB TODAY your popularity has increased in the polls! Who runs these polls, monkeys??

SCENE2: michelle_obama obama It’s true, Shell Bell.. and I’ve even been asked to be a greeter at Walmart since I’m there so much using my $200 giftcards.

SCENE3: michelle_obama obama And I just love those $300 commission checks, too! Me too, Babe, me too…

SCENE4: michelle_obama obama I’m so relieved we’ve totally eliminated our grocery bill! You’re relieved? Now I’ll finally get some real dog food instead of just Sasha’s scraps

SCENE5: obama michelle_obama Pardon me, Honey… it must be all those beans I ate at Sam’s Club today. Wheww, somebody open a window, I can’t breathe.

SCENE6: michelle_obama obama Hmm, I should prolly call my Food Stamp worker now that I’ve joined MPB

SCENE7: michelle_obama obama I only had to spend $200 to join, but I borrowed the money so don’t worry, honey.

SCENE8: obama michelle_obama You what?? You borrowed the money to join MPB Today? From whom?? Oh no, here it comes…

SCENE9: obama michelle_obama Uhh, from Hilary, Here she comes now…

SCENE10: obama michelle_obama hillary Hail Hil, what’s wrong with you??

SCENE11: obama hillary michelle_obama I couldn’t find 2 people to join me in MPB Today, now I’m going to lose my money! I feel so woozy, like I got clunked in the head, what just happened??

SCENE12: hillary obama michelle_obama Maybe it’s time to lose the pantsuit from Big Lots and start shopping at Walmart, like I do. Then maybe people will join you in MPB. What a freakin’ drama queen That’s it, I’m outta here

SCENE14: hillary obama Listen, I pledge to help you get your 2 people but even if I can’t you’ll still get your groceries?

SCENE15: obama hillary All you’ll have to do is pay shipping on the groceries, Hil, no big deal… right? I suppose not but I feel like such a loser. cough cough… let’s not even go there.

SCENE16: obama hillary You’re no loser, Hil, and besides… no one loses with MPB Today, not even you… OMG, What a Brown-noser

SCENE17: obama hillary O’ I’m so relieved, now I can go home and tell Bill. Just go home, PLEASE just go home…

SCENE19: [URL Deleted By PP Blog] Brought To You by: [Deleted By PP Blog]

SCENE18: Join MPB Today With a Real Mentor, Not Merely a Marketer… Big Difference!

SCENE20: Join MPB Today With a Real Mentor, Not Merely a Marketer… Big Difference!

The script.

Apparently the self-described “Real Mentor” believed it prudent for business purposes to offend as many Americans and citizens of the world as possible in the bizarre bid to glean affiliate checks and Walmart gift cards from MPB Today, an MLM program.

The second script makes no reference to Nazis, but does include a reference to “monkeys.” Hillary Clinton was called “Hitlary” in the script that resulted in the published video. The Secretary is merely “Hillary” in the second script. The “Brown-noser” line is common to both scripts.

And what do the Obamas eat? Well, “dog food,” according to the script. Apparently this is a step up from the table “scraps” the family dog left unconsumed.

The script also references the federal Food Stamp program, apparently painting at least one of the Obamas as in need of the services provided by the USDA-operated program and a caseworker.

President Obama apparently was positioned as a Walmart “greeter” in the script.

The word “bizarre” does not even begin to cover the scripts or the finished video that emerged. We are left wondering if someone made the calculation that the use of the word “monkeys” would be just too caustic for the finished product, but that the Nazi depiction would strike just the right chord to stimulate money to change hands. Regardless, the phrase “Brown-noser” appears to have been included in both scripts — and we’d fully expect the producer to argue that the phrase was just a throw-away line, that it was in no way designed as code to remind MPB Today prospects that Obama does not have the same bloodlines as, say, the 43 Presidents who preceded him.

That any version of the promo emerged in a bid to attract prospects to MPB Today is a matter for great introspection. At the moment, we can’t think of a single thing that tops it in terms of unrestrained gall, xenophobia and pure idiocy.

In the often bizarre world of MLM, we’ve apparently reached the point that a “real mentor” puts the President of the United States in a Walmart greeter’s attire, places him on Food Stamps, depicts him (or his family) as aspiring to eat dog food, uses animated images of a dog to reinforce the poisonous stereotypes, lashes out against the First Lady and the Secretary of State — and then urges others to sign up for a “grocery” program and do the same.

That MPB Today has not spoken out against this is only one of many reasons people should choose not to do business with the firm.

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